No Government, No Force

When the Dust Clears, What Then?

We can’t know how long it might be before America goes over the brink into debt collapse, but clearly it cannot be much longer.? Collapse will trigger debt default, hyperinflation, and the end of our Nation.? The? free America which most of us have known is now abandoned.? USA collapse will trigger the most devastating depression we have ever known, and quite surely the dominoes will fall around the globe.

The scenario must be that our government, along with all the others, will fail. ?I didn’t sit down to write about the above, which is merely an introduction to the subject, “What WILL we do When the Dust Clears?” ?Difficult as it may seem, if we do not plan for it now, how will we ever manage to make a moral plan while we are struggling for plain survival, without most of the goodies we have enjoyed over our lifetimes?

Throughout history, governments have been created, tyranny has grown, and governments have failed. ?Is it not more practical to give up on a bad idea? ?But is it not also necessary to explore and develop a better system in preparation for that day when our government fails and disappears?

So then we will be in true anarchy — no government. ? The People will be unprepared for that, merely because they are so programmed to having a Ruler that they cannot conceive of being truly free to live without one! But this article will not be a campaign for anarchy — that shall remain for another article on another day, perhaps far into the future.

There is an alternative to government as well as to anarchy. Can the reader tolerate for the moment a theory for Voluntary? ?Thank you! ?Now, let’s develop the idea! ? Should you have thoughts on this, by all means contribute by commenting. ?After all, this is just being thrown out here as a theory as yet quite undeveloped! ?I’m feeling my way just as you are, and that’s our purpose here. We have only what? — a couple of months or at most less than two years before we are thrown into the abyss of collapse? ? If we don’t get it together now, when will we?

Now consider Contract Law, which always requires the consent and agreement of two or more Parties. ?That’s a totally moral principle, is it not? ?Further, contracts bind only the parties thereto, and no others. ? Therefore, any Nation formed without the consent of each and every person within the proposed boundaries cannot meet the requirements. ?Now add in that during any period of having no government, no contract law (nor any other) would exist! ? “America, we have a problem!”

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