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Making the World Democratic – by GOVERNment – LOL

JoeSobran Making the World Democratic   by GOVERNment   LOL

Joe Sobran

What’s so great about majority rule? A majority may be as tyrannical as a single dictator, and majorities have often deprived minorities and individuals of their rights — exploited, enslaved, and murdered them. Democratic Athens executed Socrates.

Majority rule has its uses, as long as it doesn’t threaten or violate more fundamental principles, A chess club can elect its officers, but it can’t vote to change the basic rules of chess; or it ceases to be a chess club.

Nevertheless, we now talk as if America, freedom, and democracy were all the same thing. It’s assumed that government may justly do almost anything, provided it does so with majority support.

Actually, we don’t owe our freedoms to democracy. We owe them to older legal traditions, inherited from Anglo-Saxon law: habeas corpus, due process of law, the presumption of innocence, the right to a trial by one’s peers, et cetera. The Framers of the Constitution were wise enough to preserve these protections against arbitrary state power.

But the Constitution, unfortunately, has failed to provide sufficient safeguards….

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  1. Yes, democracy is simply majority rule. Having a Government of Force operating as a democracy, we are, oh so graciously, “allowed” to choose our Rulers from those politicians who are chosen for us by the political parties which today offer us only the Proponents of Force from which to choose.

    We are brainwashed to worship those politicians, and the Rule of Law, which “law” is written by our Rulers. What’s wrong with this picture?

    We citizen/slaves will always object to some or to most of the laws, yet we have no role in the so-called Balance of Powers. That puts everyone into the minority, which cannot Rule. I believe that’s called Tryanny, a.k.a. Democracy.

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