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Was I Wrong About Voting?

Author:  Wilton Alston

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“The fact that the party of organized money thinks the right to vote is worth taking away says that it must be worth quite a lot.” ~ Ryan Cooper from, The case for voting…

With apologies for stating the obvious, voting is valuable to those who benefit from it—primarily political operatives and their worshipful plebeians. Because something is valuable to someone is no reason to assume that everyone should value it. That’s Subjective Value 101. However, there is more to it than that. Statist Criminals—or as Cooper refers to them, “the party of organized money”—value control and power above all else. What “they” obtain via the ballot box is authorization to use that power. (Cooper seems to believe that there is only one Party of Organized Money, but maybe that’s better left for another essay.)

alston Was I Wrong About Voting?

Wilton Alston

It is through voting that one generally obtains control of the Guns of the State. Some of us simply do not want to point those guns at anyone. And if you do, we’ll be damned if we will confirm that we are all culpable in the all-too-predictable outcome.

Some have said that voting is, “the suggestion box for slaves.” I tend to agree. Given that one cannot vote to not be a slave, taking part in such efforts remains a waste of my time. Others have opined that, “if voting changed anything, they wouldn’t let you do it.” This is also somewhat true, but also somewhat false.

What voting does is provide direct indication that he who took part supports the eventual outcome. That he believes in the contest at its root. So, while voting may not really change crucial parts of the outcome—for example, the United States would still have troops deployed in Iraq no matter who was currently in the White House—it makes the participant a willing one. Some of us have long since stopped being such. And we feel better for it, regardless of the outcome of some supposedly democratic popularity contest.


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  1. The problem with “voting” is buried with the entire “system” called Government.

    There are but 3 entities within what is called the “Balance of Powers” – the People aka Citizen aka Voter aka Slave have no role in that Balance, do they? The politicians, aka Rulers, decide all matters, while the Slaves have no voice whatsoever.

    WE are not even ASKED to either approve or refuse anything whatsoever, not wars, not taxes, not debt, not education, not licensing, not bureaus… nothing, are we? The Dem-Rep Monopoly negates competition from other parties by the “laws” and Rules and Regulation. They offer up their respective choices for all “officials” –from President all the way down to Town Councilman (FIVE levels of GOVERNment!) while WE are stuck with whatever THEY decide. Rest assured that They will make more “Laws” and spend more Debt and have the NERVE to claim that YOU must pay Their Debt – it’s called Taxes, and !do you have a Veto or any “right to refuse!

    Don’t like that? Well okay, wait until the next election, vote in a new tyrant, and “Hope” that your vote, that one lone vote amongst 100 million votes, will somehow make anything different.

    Yet so few of We Slaves might even consider that maybe we ought choose Voluntary over being Governed and thus Liberty over Tyranny. Go figger!

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