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Mises: Obamacare Is Not a Revolution, It Is Mere Evolution


Obamacare Is Not a Revolution, It Is Mere Evolution
by Roger McKinney on October 25, 2014

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act focused the attention of Americans on government regulation as few issues have. However, they should have paid attention decades earlier because states have been eating away like termites at freedom in the healthcare insurance market for decades. The PPACA adds little to existing state regulations. States began dictating to insurance companies what to cover, whom to cover, when to cover them and how much they could charge in the 1950s. Massachusetts, home of Romneycare, the template for Obamacare, enacted the first state mandate in 1956 requiring insurers to cover mentally and physically handicapped children.[1]

States have mandated coverage in four areas: benefits, providers, populations, and rates. Benefit mandates decree types of care, such as mammograms, well-child care, drug and alcohol abuse treatment, but also acupuncture and wigs for cancer patients. Provider mandates ordain payments to healthcare providers such as chiropractors, podiatrists, social workers and massage therapists. Population mandates increase the number of people covered under a policy, such as extending coverage to non-custodial children and grand children. Rate mandates prevent insurance companies from charging premiums that reflect risk, in effect using low risk policy holders to subsidize high risk members.

Mandated Benefit Laws


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Dean Sriker: Now then, in my view the “Number of Laws” chart above says it all! this is indicative of this (and probably every) GOVERNment.  This applies to everything of GOVERNment, which uses Laws not only about our Health-Care, but about anything and everything.  We the People are so overwhelmed by that vastness of “The Law” as to find it impossible to wholly understand or even to know about!

We worship “The Rule of Law” no matter what those “Laws” might be.  We are allowed to “vote” for whomsoever the Dem-Rep Monopoly might choose as our Rulers, who seems to feel their “duty” is to Regulate by “making Laws”.  There is little or no concern for whatever the Constitution might permit, and even less consideration for the moral premise included in “thou shalt not steal”, for our Rulers have the powers of taxation; IOW They are allowed to steal. 

There is this strange sense of pride in being a “citizen” irrespective of that We as Citizens are merely Subjects of the Rulers and the “System”.  We have no Role in the Balance of Powers, yet are subject to Their “Justice System” as it’s whims determine “for Us”.

Is this a good way to run our Railroad? We are GOVERNed, you know!



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