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What Is No-Ruler About?


What is No-Ruler About? 
By Tasine on 24 October 2014
We see America as going forward, NOT re-hashing the same old and once workable policies which are no longer workable because of so much open and clandestine corruption at all levels and in all departments of the US GOVERNMENT. We should be writing to provide information to people of the coming, even more vile and more dangerous effects of said corrupt government action and inaction.
We should not be worrying about who is a candidate for whatever office – chances are we will never have another election after 2014 – ergo, we are not wasting time preaching to the choir about persons we may never see on a ballot. There are more pressing issues to attend to, and ALWAYS one of the most important issues to keep in mind is INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS because once they are gone, we will never recover them.
First we must confront the collapse of our economy and our government. We don’t’ know when it will happen, but feel confident both WILL happen. There are limited actions we can take to be prepared, and we welcome all suggestions, addressing stockpiling, water storage, transportation if electricity is down, communication with family and friends, safe homes that can be guarded sufficiently.
Secondly we must address maintaining a food supply and a necessity, such as medicines, supply.
Third we must consider how law and order will be maintained and we must know procedures for doing disaster triage.
Fourth, what will you use for currency after the collapse. The dollar is worth approximately $0.04 now – will anyone be using paper “money” after the collapse? We need to be thinking of what we will be using, how it will work, how we can get started.
Once the collapse is acting itself out, we need to consider how we want to live in the years following the crash. Some will want an exact duplication of what we had in the ’40’s and ’50’s, ’60’s, 70’s, etc. I encourage everyone to consider that while those years were vastly superior to what we have today, they lent themselves to the current overthrow and collapse which brought us to this point in time. Do we really, really want to do that? That sounds almost like the mantra re the definition of insanity: doing the same thing that never works over and over, expecting a different outcome every time. Will we have become strong enough people to rely on ourselves rather than a handful of elected officials who routinely fail us? Have Americans grown stronger or weaker? What constitutes strength and what constitutes weakness? Do we even KNOW any more or has that capability been brainwashed out of us?
Can you imagine living in a land where there is no one dictating to you what you can and cannot do?  Some of us here at No-Ruler enjoy thinking about just such a wonder.  Could it be achievable?  Could America continue to exist if we were voluntarily managed, No Ruler, so to speak.  No big campaigns, no big elections, no IRS to take our earnings at the threat of prison and severe fines if we do not comply, no government employees who live like royalty while we struggle to make the 3 bedroom house payment……….yet WE PAY these people!  Screwy?  Yep, big time!!  Bear in mind that when I speak of voluntary living, I am not talking about chaos.  I am talking about self-rule within a society of like-minded citizens.
I like to associate living in a voluntary system with the coming collapse because the possibility is there- and hence, couldn’t stop myself from mentioning such a way of life when talking about the coming disaster, when, hopefully we will have a golden opportunity to start over in this great and wonderful country.
We encourage all who wish to write to do so on our site. We need more circulation and the way to get it is to have useful and important ,but also entertaining issues to whet our appetites. Anyone wishing to participate within our areas of concern will be welcomed with open arms. In exchange, we ask that everyone, before he writes a word, please read the items beneath the header (those listed in the blue background. Each is short, to the point, and will give you needed information.
There are certain protocols in publishing an article that we surely hope you will follow: To view these protocols , open “Posting Tips” at the top of the page (it will open in a new tab so that the writer can follow that alongside the draft post).
They have been written as clearly as we know how to write them.
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