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The Obama Administration, A Ship of Fools That Instills no Confidence : by Sean Aland

This author certainly hit the nail on the head with this article ! One particular sentence caught my eye right away ” The Obama administration is by far the most corrupt ever.” Are our protests going to be too little , too late ? Every day it becomes more obvious that we are dealing with an incompetent administration. Some other possibilities are that they are not incompetent but habitual liars, out of their league, stupid or just idiots. John Wayne said “life is tough, it’s tougher when you’re stupid.” Well I hate to insult stupid people but this administration has taken stupid to a whole new level with their habitual lies. This ship of Fools is being guided by a village idiot that can’t handle and refuses to acknowledge or tell the truth. So here’s the truth.

ISIS is a real threat and they are Islamic. Obama would know this had he not missed 58% (over half) of his Intel briefs. Instead spending his time on the golf course was more important than Intelligence briefs and national security. He obviously did not pay attention to details of briefs he attended or we would not be at war with ISIS or is this action another wag the dog for damage control? You have to wonder as the president’s plan does not have a snow ball’s chance in hell according to the Commandant of USMC and has been called “shock and yawn.” The man elected to end wars didn’t and needs to return his peace prize.

Other truths are Islamic extremism is terrorism and the caliphate is real no matter how much you gut and purge government training manuals in the DOD, FBI, NSA, and other government agencies because some Muslim brotherhood affiliates cried islamaphobia. It’s also not a good idea to have Muslim brotherhood sympathizers in any position in DHS, let alone high level security clearance positions. Domestic terrorism by militant islamists is not work place violence. American and British citizens with valid passports fighting with ISIS are threats that should never be allowed to reenter ours or any other country. Al Qaida is not defeated or on the run. It’s the DNC that has declared a war on women by supporting a “religion of peace” that says it is OK to beat, and rape women, make them cover up head to toe, allows genital mutilation, an affords them no rights other than being property. This administration is so upside down, Islamic extremists are OK but Conservatives, Tea Party members, Christians, and Former military are threats according to Homeland Security.

Another truth, whatever Obama says is usually 180 out from what is true, such as If you like your doctor or insurance you can keep it, his will be the most ethical Administration, with NO lobbyists, the borders are more secure than ever, the economy has recovered, this week Americans are better off than they were six years ago. Obama also claimed because he grew up around the Muslim world they will be peaceful to us and that GW running up massive debt was unpatriotic. Guess Obama got the unpatriotic part right as he is not a patriot.

The Obama administration is by far the most corrupt ever. Rife with scandals that he says are phony while Lerner at IRS pleads the fifth while losing her e-mails and data, Holder at DOJ is held in contempt by congress and NSA is caught in domestic spying. The Secret Service prostitution and Whitehouse security scandals show no leadership in the organization, while the EPA over regulates and targets organizations and businesses thought not green or friends. Hillary Clintons State Department bumbled all the way until Benghazi got four Americans killed, but what difference does that make? This week the CDC and Dr. Thomas Frieden acted like they don’t have a clue on this Ebola threat that according to Obama had an “extremely low” chance of an outbreak here. Newsflash Mr. Frieden the virus is here and Mr. Duncan was in physical contact with who knows how many as he rubbed elbows on at least three airlines, visited the ER, came in contact with kids, and threw up all over the ground at his apartment.

The real problem with all these agencies is that they have become so politicized under this administration that they no longer act as honest brokers for the American people but as cover for failed policies and strong arm enforcement for the president. Reid is a prime example as he refuses to bring up for a vote legislation passed in the house that would help the American people.

The only efficiently operating government organization was the United States military but this administration has gutted the leadership, moral, budget and discipline. Military members report no confidence in senior leadership that is more interested in career than taking care of the troops. The repeal of “Don’t ask, Don’t tell not only damaged moral but is now responsible for an huge increase in male on male rape which is being ignored because it does not fit the narrative of sexual harassment against women. Obama claims he respects our service members, but treats them like house slaves that hold umbrellas, deserve no more than a coffee salute, serve as backdrops and are expendable. By not declaring war or even naming the current operations as a campaign our military members are ineligible for medals and certain benefits as this is a counterterrorism action. Obama also claimed the VA health care system was a top priority but paid no attention until enough people died to get national attention. The president and State Department can’t pick up the phone to get a Marine with PTSD freed from a Mexican jail, but can call the first openly gay whatever to congratulate them for their courage. The military should feel like Rodney Dangerfield under this president as they get no respect.

Years ago Reince Priebus the RNC chair compared President Obama to the Italian Cruise ship captain who under the influence ran his ship aground. With the poor decisions this administration keeps making you can’t help but wonder, what are they on and how much more damage will this ship of fools inflict on this nation with Obama at the helm.

The Obama Administration, A Ship of Fools That Instills no Confidence

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