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Alan Grayson questions Fed IG



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Rep Alan Grayson questions FED Inspector General
This needs to go viral.? It is perhaps on of the most interesting and telling reasons why we are in the trouble we are in today.? The FED must be stopped. This is beyond all reason.

I think the following would do well in 101 – what do you think?? And without putting the link in there, how do I get this video into the article?? So I thought I would send it to you for help.? Thanks.

“Caught with their hands in the cookie jar”
The following clip contains some very simple basics that will be glaring to you as you watch it. It includes some of the following errors:
Either a thorough lack of knowledge on the part of the person being questioned, OR a glaring attempt at trying to hedge on giving a truthful answer.

Have you ever had a child take something that they should not have taken?? Like taking a candy bar at a grocery store?

Annette Akerman
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  1. Of course Grayson got nothing useful! Twice!

    Deal with it. The Fed is a PRIVATE bank, not really regulated, which serves as clearinghouse for checks and other transactions, started from nothing 98 years ago and now worth ??seven trillion?? Not bad huh?

    It acts as agent for the Treasury, which issues tDebt which TheFed “buys” with digital debits and credits and then resells to sucker investors who are supposed to be so smart. Meanwhile the Treasury creates all this debt which is claimed to be due from the citizen taxpayers who never signed a note or agreed to reimburse. Such a scam.

    In a major way, TheFed is nothing but a lackey for the Government which created it and will never never oust it’s partner in crime. As have many before him through all these years, Ron Paul has been trying for years to shut down TheFed, now reduced to auditing TheFed, but NOTHING!

    WE don’t own TheFed – so an audit will accomplish… what? Perhaps something else to scream about, while changing nothing? Good luck on that one!

  2. This “Inspector General” wasn’t even very good at dissembling. I don’t believe a single important question was answered except speech patterns told me she was either lying or didn’t have a clue how to answer. On the surface it seems the feds have been doing some things they shouldn’t have been doing, possibly some illegal things.

    Interesting and very telling clip.

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