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American Conservatism Is Keynesian to the Core


Gary NorthSeptember 16, 2014

The American conservative movement is dominated by gravediggers and hustlers. Both groups are Keynesian to the core.

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This has been true ever since the movement began in the Hiss-Chambers hearings in 1948. The Old Right of the 1930’s was committed to tearing down the New Deal. The Middle Right, 1948-1980, was committed to strengthening the federal government to root out the Communists at home and abroad. The Middle Right refused to fight Truman’s creation of the modern surveillance state: CIA, NSC, NSA. They thought there should be more of it. They did not oppose the Truman Doctrine in foreign policy. They thought there should be more of it.

The exception was Senator Robert Taft. His death in July 1953 ended the last traces of the Old Right in Washington until Ron Paul was elected in 1976.

The New Right is the fusion of the neoconservative movement and the New Christian Right. It came together in the election of 1980: Reagan. To the extent that it still operates, it is marked by support for the Pentagon and the Social Security/Medicare subsidies.

They are all united in this confession: Keynesian planning works. The system will hold. “Medicare can be reformed, if Congress acts now.” We are assured this every decade. But Congress never acts. The off-budget deficit grows larger. The present value of the unfunded liabilities of the federal government are in the $200 trillion range. “There is still time for Congress to act.” No, there isn’t. But those inside the Beltway never admit this.

I am waiting for the Tea Party’s leaders, whoever they are, to announce: “Abolish Medicare now. It will bankrupt the federal government if we don’t. It is beyond the point of no return. No reform can save it. We must cut our losses.” Let me know if this changes. Until it does, the Tea Party is also Keynesian. “The system will hold.” The system is Keynesian.

Above all, American conservatism is focused on the Washington Beltway, not local politics. Here is where conservatives send their political donations. Here is where it has lost every major battle except Phyllis Schlafly’s Stop-ERA, which was conducted at the grass roots level, not inside the Beltway. This money never rolls back the warfare-welfare state. It sustains it. It cries out: “Thus far, and no farther.” Then, after the welfare system expands, it says it again. And again.

It does not say: “Roll it back to 1912.” Or 1787


This article continues with saying very well so much that has needed to be said for so many years.

There is truly a huge difference between Libertarians and the run-of-the-mill brain-dead who continue to believe that they must be GOVERNed!

As I highly respect Gary North and his copyright, I post this only to suggest that you read his full article

Thank you, Dean Striker

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