No Government, No Force

When Government Goes Rogue

One poster said, “Until enough people write, phone or stop by to see their reps nothing is going change.”

Another poster responded, “Now that is the most intelligent statement I saw all night.”

My take on this is as follows:

I did not vote for a rogue government

I’ve been contacting my congressmen and donating to the various conservative causes which also contact my congressmen. I’ve been doing this for over 50 years, and to date I’ve seen NOTHING that has transpired as a result of my contacting them.

What I think everyone fails to see is that we are not living under the government we always thought we were living under. Our form of government died years before Obama came upon the scene, but they played the game and kept us thinking we actually had a representative government. Once Obama entered office, though, the dark side saw fit to let loose with all cannons and have gone berserk in their frenzy to totally overcome us while Obama is still in office (I believe they think he will leave when his term is over. I think they are wrong.) When was the last time you felt represented? We are stuck in quicksand, and wishing and dreaming will NOT extract anyone from quicksand. The ballot box is terminally contaminated, the elected officials totally ignore us (except for a handful of them, and a handful cannot win in a fight when the other side fights down and dirty). Citizens can trust all they want – but trust doesn’t change corruption. Complaining doesn’t stop corruption. Anger doesn’t stop corruption. Every part of the federal government is dirty with corruption and power. Most of the media is as corrupt and anti-American as our Congress and President and most of our Supreme Court are. It is drunk on power and it has all the weapons with which to maintain that power. Our justice system is certainly not about justice. Our news media is not about giving us news. Our representatives are not about representing us.

I truly believe that trying to solve our problems the way our forefathers gave us of solving them is NOT GOING TO WORK because our forefathers never once thought OUR people would turn their backs on freedom and liberty. Too many in our country HAVE turned their backs on freedom – probably because they don’t even know what freedom is……and any “freedom” that bites into their welfare, SS, retirement checks, Saturday night out on the town, Facebook time, cell phone fun, is to those people too terrible to contemplate. Another problem we have in trying to return our government to its proper place and standing is the abject ignorance that abounds in the US re politics. And that ignorance is abject stupidity and many Americans don’t even understand why politics is important. I don’t think most Americans realize that there are precious few things an American can do that is not in some way controlled by politics/government.

Our government – MOST governments – have tentacles that are so numerous as to be uncountable and too long to corral. Governments are NOT our friends. Governments exist for the primary purpose of causing and fighting wars. And every government is susceptible to corruption and oppression, and MOST finally do become that way. So my question is: why do we insist that we MUST have a government? Please don’t bother harassing me about the stupidity of that comment. You can’t say anything that someone else has not already said. Additionally, I will question your intelligence if you defend GOVERNment.

If you think we MUST have a government, I’d love to hear your reasons for thinking that. Convince me. Please.

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  1. In your last paragraph you ask why do we need a government, then you say no one can say anything that you already haven’t heard. And you will question our intelligence if we defend the government!
    You don’t really want a answer so why ask?

    1. Well, why DO we need a GOVERNment?
      For this, perhaps, maybe, just maybe.

  2. Obviously, nobody has a good answer to your great question!

    There seems to be no reason why intelligent people would opt to be GOVERNed!

    1. I like either Constitution of the united States. I think they pretty well got it. The dumbing down of America thru decades of USA government interference has done a number on us. However, when we get back to “WE THE PEOPLE” operating the government you will understand.

      1. What makes you think we will EVER get back to “we the people” operating this government? “WE” have never had a role in the “Balance of Powers” so there’s nothing to “get back” to!

        GOVERNment, get it? Always those are allowed the powers of Force, by which they can decree whatever they want, which includes taxation for anything they decree, and that without anyone’s consent.

        Humans either have the natural and necessary Right to Life, with which comes the rights to sustain and even enhance that life, for as long as they also do nothing to remove such rights from any other. The very thought that somehow Governments with the power of Force permit themselves to use that Force to destroy that essential and very basic Right says all we might need to know about government!

        My page is a quick read.
        There’s also with a bit more depth.

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