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FEMA Camps and you. My addition to bigamc495’s posting.

( I took this off another website from a user Robert.) I don’t think Rob is on myspace any longer. I have seen him on Sodahead but,since I am no longer allowed there I cannot confirm.
For the past year I have been deep into researching the NWO and decided to open a website where people on my space, who play the game Mobsters can get help. What I’ve done to spread awareness is include pages in the site educating on NWO. The main page has the Flu Shot Insert ingredients posted there and other hints to look further. The site has done well. over 1,700 hits in the last month alone I think. NOW….. As for this EXPECTED move by Obama, I’m not surprised at all, but am shocked this turn of events has come up 5 months earlier than anticipated. DO YOU REALIZE, there are several thousand FEMA Camps across the US ready to process our citizens and exterminate them? Just type in REX84 to a Google search to see the map. Did you know there are fields of FEMA coffin liners stacked up by the 500 thousands as well across our nation? Are you aware that most cemeteries have and are currently installing cement burial vaults by the hundreds and thousands? FIELDS OF THEM JUST 1 FOOT FROM SURFACE!! There are FEMA Trains already running as a test to and from the FEMA camps as well. I have also discovered that our water supply has 400% more Fluoride in it too. Fluoride is NOT for your teeth. I have a blog on Fluoride as well on … Fluoride was used in Nazi Germany to keep prisoners from wanting to escape. It was also used in Russia to calm the people after their war. Fluoride is currently being introduced to our crops as part of the pesticide treatment. Our bodies can tolerate safely 1 Part Per Million of Fluoride in the water, but did u know it’s also being put into the sodas, beer, cigarettes, snacks as well? Look this stuff up people! You need to get Sustainable Food NOW! You can buy a years supply of Food for less than 20% of buying it at the grocery store. Look at and start your search there. Be careful of other sites that may sell you food full of Soy or OLD food from 20+ years ago. You need Non GMO food. The grocery stores will run out of food just 2 days after civil unrest and you will be forced to seek FEMA assistance. They WILL KILL you. There’s an agenda to KILL 80% of the worlds population. If you think all this is crazy, I understand, but this is all very real and if you are one of those who say, GOD will decide when you go or what can we do about it anyway? You are one of the useless components to this movement. No offense intended, but YOU MUST PREPARE AND STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!! YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE! YOUR KIDS AND FAMILY NEED YOU TO DO WHATS RIGHT NOW!! SO GET ON IT AND INVESTIGATE WHAT I TRIED TO POST HERE AND MAKE SOME DECISIONS TO REBEL AGAINST THIS NWO. Only a small minority of the Elite are behind this. WE CAN STOP THEM. Finally, I’m sorry for the long post, but there’s just too much to put in one place. PLEASE VISIT: and dial into the Alex Jones Show at: 712-338-8300 GOD BLESS US ALL!! NOW GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND BECOME ACTIVE!! EAT NON GMO, AVOID ALL WATER EXCEPT FOR FIJI WATER, GET SUSTAINABLE FOOD NOW, MOVE OUT OF THE CITIES AND LEAVE YOUR STUFF BEHIND. Nothing’s more important than YOU and YOUR FAMILY. Expect to CAMP OUT…. For a year or better. Thanks for the read.

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  1. Well I haven’t given up on the thought to go camping if needed. I would do this if I get a choice between FEMA camps and staying out of them!
    I would rather die free than as a prisoner!

    1. I don’t want to fall in with the tin foil crowd but, I’ve been stocking up on basic survival supplies. Stuff I can also use as camping tools . I’m just not convinced it will get as bad as others but , I want to not get caught with my pants around my ankles without paper.

      1. There are so MANY bad anti-sovereignty things going on around us all each and every day, which “They” call “Progress”, and for “Them”, They’re getting what they want.

        If you should have a good link to flouride effects, please post that. It may help explain how the general public just sighs and accepts whatever their Rulers want. This puts the human species on the road to extinction!

    2. That choice is a big problem, as who really expects to actually HAVE a choice! When the goons appear at our doors, the only choices will be self-defense or a “free ride” to incarceration… which may well be a FEMA camp.

      1. I’ve been considering that for a bit. As for my wife and grandkids, I may have no choice but to allow the goons to put them in camps as I take my son and weapons to hide until we have a right time to strike back. I won’t be so compassionate as to allow these people to use them against me. I will not relent. Letting my passions to conquer me will take me out of the fight. That will not help my family or anyone else. I hope I get enough warning to hide all mine out but, I will do what I can.

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