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Voluntary System: “The List”

I started a search this morning trying to get a total count of FedGov departments or bureaus or “agencies”.  Soon I was at  The best one can get there is an A-Z list (each filling a rather long page) and with no “total count” of any!  It uses Bing for it’s search engine instead of actually having a search engine of their very own, so as with any search engine one gets the usual muddle of the irrelevant — doesn’t matter what one searches for, or what search engine we might use, it seems that all of them ignore what we ask.

Well I found which speaks to the problem. 

 An “agent” is defined as

  •  a person or business authorized to act on another’s behalf.
  • a person or thing that acts or has the power to act.
  • a person who works for or manages an agency.

An Agent thus has considerable powers as the representative of the Agency he works for, not for You!

I also found that there are now about 22 million federal employees – that’s astounding, huh?  This number has been increasing virtually forever!  That’s about 7% of our population on the dole, at our expense, and to our Peril! That dole is higher because we’re forced to pay for their retirement and other “benefits” while we real humans must pay for our own, plus theirs!

Finally I found stating 430 “agencies” (including “Departments”) of which about 50-some are “sub-agencies”.  Guess we’ll have to work from that!  😕  Make sure you at least take a quick look at that link! 

Now there are but 2 basic ways of dealing with all this. 

One is to have Congress deal with each and every agency, either eliminating it or chopping it down to size.  That will take YEARS and also will require a Congress which will side with the citizens, a stance sent off to the trashbin (without our consent) long long ago, and folks, it ain’t comin’ back!

The other way is to replace this whole huge mess with a Voluntary System.  The coming Great Collapse should seen this bankrupt government powerless to continue, and finally just closing it’s doors.  At that point WE will be free to proceed without concerning ourselves with the same old failed ways.  In other words, suddenly there are no Rulers in power! 

Anarchy, defined simply as no ruler / no government, is a condition in which each individual is sovereign and thus solely responsible for himself, his family, and to some lesser extent, responsible for his friends, hopefully well chosen!  While many will feel and act charitable toward others outside that circle, one chooses who might be worthy of such charity and who is not so worthy.  Absent the stack of governments stealing via taxation, all that money becomes now available for one’s chosen objectives.  Surely some will choose to support the Defense objective which, now without government, would be handled in by Private entities I would call Associations.  Membership would be voluntary to either join or cancel.  If one doesn’t want nukes, he simply does not belong to a Defense Association which buys or builds or uses nukes.  You can see by this that there may be many competing associations for any desired objective. 

So my next post will seek input on how, within a Voluntary Association, defense would be handled within the private sector.  Then we’ll start another on another specific subject, e.g. the EPA or any other Bureau/Agency now run by this-or-that government.  I don’t pretend to have it all thought thru and, not believing much in having Rulers and Dictators, I have no intention of becoming more than leading us all into discussing whatever members feel would be useful down the long road ahead!

We can either get things thought thru now, or run the greater risk from having to put things back together when all is torn asunder!

How about comments to this post about other areas which you would like to become the subject of future items of taking over for the government failed?

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