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A fact they aren’t telling us about the Gitmo trade!

Brad Thor on the Hannity show raises a good question about the Gitmo trade by Obama. Listen closely as he tells the difference between the 2 overseas groups involved in the trade! As usual we aren’t getting all the facts from our government.

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Updated: 08 Jun 2014 — 09:14:55


  1. Yes it could make sense, if they were holding him at the start to find out if he was a U.S. spy and making sure what his actual intensions were.
    They would be highly skeptical about a U.S. soldier or U.S. person ( if he was so dressed)just walking up to their group wanting to join them!

  2. Ya know, there’s something which seems very strange to me about this issue.

    Supposedly Bergdahl abandoned his guard-post and went AWOL, and it’s said this was done so he could join the Taliban or some enemy. Now if that is true, how is it that his new buddies imprisoned him or that he was otherwise somehow imprisoned? It makes no sense to me that he would have been imprisoned by his new buddies, does it?

  3. Exactly! Obama will hide him and stall everything for a year or two hoping everyone will forget !
    Have you ever heard of a prisoner of war practicing shooting with the enemy with a AK 47? He was shooting it!
    But I don’t believe it is about Bergdahl at all, I think it was about releasing 5 Gitmo detainees back to the Muslins terrorist.
    The people he released him to, usually do all this for money rewards, not people!

  4. From what little I *might* know about Bergdahl, he certainly wasn’t worth trading anything for. This is just another mess that will never be cleaned up.

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