No Government, No Force


  1. This is why we need to do something before people panic and push others under water. But after posting several items on One Political Plaza and re-abuttals we are not going to change the Progressive’s minds by trying to talk sense to them! It would interest me to find out the earned income (If Any) of the most vehement progressives. Or they living off Obama’s welfare?

    1. For so many years America has stood by and allowed “progress” to take over this government and to use it’s powers of Force to turn it into the Brave New World. Those powers of Force have been there from 1779, and have brought America into to the cemetery. The “citizens” were conned and brainwashed into all this, to the extent that 98% voted for more tyranny in 2012.

      The America which was held in such high esteem is over, and will come to devastating failure in due course. There is nothing the citizen-serfs can do about it, as we have no role in the “balance of powers”. This> explains:

  2. Beck Video was very good, until at the end he says,
    “You’re not going to stand.
    We have to build our bodies back up by being part of a culture that loves, that cares, is charitable, is truthful, is honest, loves one another, takes care of one another, does everything we can for one another. That’s what we have to try to do and still keep our head above water, because soon there are going to be coming people, and panicked people push strong swimmers underwater. They’re just trying to stay alive. We can do it. We just have to change our thinking.”

    In light of all things which government Forcing “progressive” brainwashing upon we Humans, all in the name of “loving one another”, Beck also has been “had”.

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