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Net neutrality

Link on Net Neutrality Congress is voting on or bringing up From The Scoop.
Comcast already has different prices for different speeds. So what is in the rest of the bill?

the way Comcast already has differing charges for internet speeds.

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  1. No surprise, but the comments at the source seem mostly braindead ABC alphabet stuff.

    Vendors of DSL and Satellite both have usually charged more for better speed, which may cost them more bandwidth I’d suppose. Seems there is no need whatsoever for the FCC to regulate” this. Shades of price-fixing by the FCC?

    1. I think it’s a foot in the door for the government to start regulating the net and controlling it!

      1. Absolutely. That is what “LightSquared” is all about! An international www scheme, and quite certainly with a main switch in the White House. It implies devastation!

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