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Dean Striker Tasine Washburn Good Morning!  For several years now We have been busting our buns here with both and  We have done it all at our own expense, so as not to throw advertising in your face and to keep the focus on GOVERNments of Force which seem unwittingly driven to destroy our human species.  But the real cost is our TIME!

So we come now to a decision-point.  Both of us are age 75 and time keeps disappearing. We’re thinking that whatever life we have remaining is being wasted with our spending all day, every day, trying to stay atop events and tilting one windmill after another.  There must be something better for us all!

We have a fair number of registered users.  Most are RSS subscribers, some of whom come to read some of our posts sometimes, but none of those have bothered to comment or even give a “thumbs-up”.  Thus we have NO idea what they think!

We have a very few authors, and even fewer who bother to write a post or comment to share thoughts.  We are lifetime American Citizens, and find it terrifying to watch the Fall of America.  Our Government of Force, not so different than the other governments around this planet, is totally controlled by our Rulers and We their Subjects are prohibited from doing anything about the mess they’ve made.

It does seem that most people somehow believe that Governments and Rulers and Force are both good and are necessary.  We don’t!  How many examples of Failure throughout history do we need?  Are we humans being really intelligent?  Is the Citizen somehow inferior to the Rulers we elect, as if elections are our “privilege”?  So we “elect” the so-called “elite” to remove the last shreds of our Sovereignty and our Liberty disappears, one step after another.

We feel only that we’re fortunate to be somewhere in our last days, and will finally realize an end to this terror (and blessing) called “living”.  We are sad that we have failed to get out our message and to put an end to eternal tyranny for our descendants and indeed for all of mankind.

The answer is up to each and every individual.  We know we can accomplish very little without our friends rising up with us.  The word must be spread everywhere, not only on the internet, but with everyone we meet.  No, many are not our friends, but instead are ignorant enemies.

We have worked very hard with our websites, not only to write intelligently, but also to make them easier to use, and to share thoughts.  We are considering switching from WordPress to a CMS (for social programs) which would certainly make us more “social”, but is it worth our time?

An occasional pat-on-the-back would help, ya’ know!  But more importantly, with your help, all of us can  can do so much more!  Such as these:

  • There is a SHARE link on the bottom of every post, with literally hundreds of choices.  Even sharing to a few can make a huge difference.  Yes, it takes some effort, but really!
  • Comments are critical – show that you give a darn!  We CAN take (constructive) criticism!
  • Every Article has thumbs-up/down.  We’ve also brought back ditto on Comments.  USE ’em!
  • Surely you can bring in many good articles from other sites and repost them here?
  • You can write your own articles here.  There are a few essentials to complete so that your thoughts get spread around.  The “Notify Users” link is fast and easy.

Otherwise we’ll just remain in our little corner awaiting the inevitable, right?  The future is not up to us alone – it’s up to us all.  What are YOU going to do?


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  1. I try and get your posts out as much as I can every time you put one out, I will admit sometimes I may miss one or two, But I agree we need to get more of us involved to spread the word to get the information out, I will keep doing the best I can to share, Much Love and God Bless us all. 🙂

    1. Well, my goodness, THANK YOU for that!

      This triggered my visiting your website (previously unknown) and WOW! You are clearly one of the busiest and most productive bloggers to be found on the www! You are out and about all OVER the web!

      That triggered also visiting “Tat’s” website so I visited there as well. Ihat’s good stuff but being all videos I’ll never have the time. I was hoping to find the text of that “Act of 1871” but will have to do a search. FWIW, there are SO many such things which have been done to destroy Liberty, which makes it impossible for America, and indeed all of mankind, to continue.

      Both sites are now bookmarked, and I will try to spend more time on those. I duly note that neither site uses commenting, that’s curious to me!

      Thank you again.

  2. Y’all, I’m so sorry I haven’t been on here very much. I’ve just started getting back on Sodahead after being on the consulting project I accepted last year. I never heard of, but that’s probably because I was so focused on the software testing I was doing. I didn’t keep up with my mail like I wanted to. I’ll try to check in every couple of days.


    1. I appreciate you dropping by. There ought to have been some good commenting on this, but as usual, it’s disappointing.

      I started Morality101 (.NET) a bit sooner, and then this No-Ruler because it was to be focused more on Action, as M101 was intended more to outline the philosophy.

      If we do keep things going, the idea would be to merge the two into No-Ruler, so I’d import the M101 pages and the next step would be trying to used a CMS (ocPortal) in hopes that a more “social” environment would be more appealing.

      But from what we’re seeing on this post, I’m about ready to just forget the whole thing. It’s WAY too much work for us to keep going alone, that much we’ve learned!

  3. Just so our Members also know is that ‘assuming’ we get some real support indicated to this post, the plan for the future is to open that door all the way to discussion and planning about how everything can and will be managed without a government. This will be the Voluntary System needed to save the unthinking within our human species who cannot and will not even think of a society in which everyone self-governs and lives in True Liberty.

    1. The “action” on this post is most disappointing. I suppose that is sending a clear message, huh?

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