No Government, No Force

What kind of a nation do YOU want?

If we want to change the way our country operates, we had better know where we truly stand on these issues.? There are many more which I hope many of you will be able to put before us.? This is not intended as a poll per se.? It is merely designed to see, in part, where we who are discussing the direction we would like to see our nation go.? These questions are by no means the only ones we should be asking.? I hope the public will fee free to offer additional ones.? This is NOT a forum to bully others, but to get to the heart of who and what America actually IS.

QUESTION:?? What is your preference for our nation?

1.? Power centered within each state or within a centralized place, such as Washington, D.C. ?

2.? Voluntary taxation or forced taxation?

3.? Government with great domestic power or government with virtually no domestic power?

4.? Federal government with the power to do nothing except oversee the nation’s infrastructure and the US military and the protection of our borders from foreign elements or a government who writes rules for everything that affects you?

5.? Allow or disallow religious practices within our public institutions?? This would be an all or nothing allowance.? Think about this carefully.
6.? All citizens have maximum freedom, some citizens have maximum freedom, or all citizens have no freedom?

7.? Would you rather have no financial? assistance from the federal government, or assistance that you had to in some way compensate for, or total assistance with no responsibility assigned to you to repay your fellow American for his help in time of need?

8.? Public schools or private schools teaching your kids?

9.? Allowing abortions prior to the fetus developing a heart beat , allowing abortions as far as and including “partial birth abortions”, or abortions in? cases of rape or incest, or? allowing a woman to legally abort whenever she chooses, or making all abortions illegal? Think very carefully on this one.? There are many ramifications in every answer.

10.? Taxes paid directly to the state and none paid directly to the federal government or taxes paid directly to the federal government and none paid directly to the state, OR some paid directly to the federal government and some paid directly to the state.

11.? Do you want? government to set and enforce the rules for social behavior, or do you want us citizens to set and enforce the rules for social behavior?

12.? Is free medical care a “right”?

13.? Is welfare a “right”?

14.? Is being free of smoke a “right”?

15.? Are government (taxpayer) grants a “right”?

16.? Does our Constitution insure everyone’s equality?
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