No Government, No Force

I Rest My Case

Our nation is in DEEP trouble.  It is bankrupt, but federal officials merely try to keep it quiet.  They don’t try to solve the problem, of course, merely keep people quiet about it. I’ve no doubt the printing press is constantly busy printing money that is worth nothing EXCEPT saving the hide of our government officials.  

Our financial mess can destroy us, but it isn’t the only problem our nation has.  We have also lost our moral center.  We have slid into a murky abyss where all abberrations, all sorts of misbehaviors are welcomed, cherished, and encouraged.  This may seem like society has done this, and to a large extent, it has, but I maintain that without government micromanaging, without government encouragement, without government showing any better behavior, we would not be at the level of depravity we are.  Our government officials should be role models of behavior, not role models for hoodlums, thieves, and sexual miscreants.

We have another area of great concern.  Our current education disarray.  Government says we must send our children to school, yet more and more that school is becoming a breeding ground for mental waste, for violence, for social brainwashing.  The federal government should have NOTHING to say about public schools – schools should be controlled at the local level, but now our federal government tries to keep the “unwashed” from sending their children to private schools or doing home schooling.  Of course the politicians’ kids attend private schools.  Of course everyone can see the issue I am getting at here.  Remember the suggestion:  role model?  If public schools are good enough for our children, they are good enough for your children, Mr. Senator, Mr. Attorney General, Mrs. Speaker of the House.

The federal government was devised by the founders of our nation to have very limited powers.  There was a purpose for doing that, and that purpose was to keep it from becoming so powerful and huge as to be an oppressive government.  The idea was to keep most of the laws and regulations that affect individuals at the local level.  Over the years our elected federal officials have totally turned that idea wrong side out and as a result our government has become terribly meddlesome and oppressive.  One gains power by adopting multitudes of programs, agencies, bureaus and having more and more people under their command, and with that power comes money.  These politicians aren’t interested in ANY program.  They are interested in growing their own power and making their money.  I would wager that most of our elected officials could not tell us how many employees it pays with our tax dollars, that most could not tell us how much study goes into the passing of any particular bill that effects us tremendously, that most could not tell us how much their own private office and personnel cost us. They aren’t really DOING anything but talking.  They sit and dream up things to bring them more power – at the sake of OUR savings accounts and grocery selections.

I’d be willing to bet that not more than one out of 20 elected officials at the federal level could earn an honest living outside of politics and without the publicity that politics has given him.   

A GOOD federal government would have no effect on individuals whatsoever. A good federal government would be handling affairs of the NATION, not all the minor picayune crap ours has begun to seriously engage in. It is no business of the feds what type light bulb we use. None of their business if I wear a helmet or not. None of their business if my cow eats someone else’s grass. None of their business if I go to church or if young children know how to put a condom on. None of their business what I pay an employee for any particular job.  None of their business if I have a Social Security Number, or if I have a driver’s license.  

On the other hand, it IS the business of our elected officials to write the federal budget, approve it, and follow it:  it isn’t doing that.  It is driving up the national debt to obscene heights – after all, the politicians don’t have to come up with the trillions of dollars IT owes.  WE citizens have to do that.  It IS the business of the federal government to see to it that its laws are obeyed, yet I don’t see anyone being punished for the State Department’s bungling in Benghazi, for the ATF’s gun running fiasco, for our President and Attorney General’s encouraging illegal aliens to flood our nation.  I don’t see anyone being punished for dissing Congress – if that person is a friend of the President.  I don’t see anyone punishing the “President” of the United States for deliberately lying to the public, for misappropriating and wasting funds from taxpayer dollars, for refusing to follow the laws of the land, for disregarding the US Constitution, the piece of paper that is the backbone of our criminal justice system and the insurance of citizens’ rights.  I believe we are entitled to know why our elected officials are not following their very own laws that they write and approve.  Why should every American abide by those laws while the people who write them don’t have to?  Has anyone ever asked an official this question?

I’d really like to know how elected officials get away with coldly – or heatedly – insulting the people who elect them, who donate to them, who defend them.  Just as importantly, I’d like to know WHY anyone defends them.  To defend those who vilify and misuse you is equivalent to self-flagellation, normally considered abnormal behavior.  Has our government driven a good portion of our nation to the edge of craziness.  

If our federal government would tend to ITS business, rather than some 315,000,000 AMERICANS business, our nation wouldn’t be in the trouble it is today – neither financially, nor morally, nor in knowledge. It is micromanaging America which it has no business doing, it is NOT taking care of its own business, and it is effectively destroying the nation. 

I rest my case.

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  1. LOL, “thinking” is now reserved to our Rulers. Real regular People may “think” but are not allowed to “DO”.

  2. Well, our Founders created a GOVERNment with full powers of Force. Nothing new about that… such is the definition of governments, and is also the reason why all governments throughout history have come to Fail. This government has that power of Force while the Subjects are prosecuted, fined, jailed and even executed for using Force. A paradox?

    It appears to be a very bad habit of our species. We supposedly are “intelligent”, but not required to use that intelligence, but rather subvert ourselves to other humans, supposedly of the same species, and designate those other humans and being sufficiently superior to ourselves that those are “authorized to Rule”, while all us others are to be subservient.

    All this has brought humanity to the edge of some Armageddon which clearly threatens or even promises to extinguish humanity, and perhaps even all life on this Planet Earth. I can’t help but wonder if human beings were little more than a failed experiment and about to be trashed!

    1. Great thoughts, Striker! Humans can do so many things well, but unfortunately they do just as many things terribly. I cannot bring myself to believe that our nation would not be a LOT better off if 1)there was no government or 2)if government would simply live in its world and let us live in our world, ne’er the two to meet.

      Humans an experiment? Possibly. Failure? Possibly. OTOH, maybe we are merely being culled, being weeded out so that either the best or the worst will be left. Lots of people on this earth should be thinking and thinking HARD. They should also be preparing for the worst.

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