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Secession , emerging Currency and my Proposal


There has been a few articles on here, about this subject matter, and I thought I would add my 2 cents. Since the children on Sodahead banned me I am going to post my original writings here. If I pinch an article elsewhere, I will provide the source so that I can’t be accused of plagiarism. Let me hear your thoughts.

Let’s discuss taxes for a moment. I propose we eliminate individual income tax because the federal government has failed us and takes too much. The Fed says it’s their money they allow us to use and they can tax it at whatever rate they choose. Stop. As the secession of states grows I say we make them rethink that for a moment. We The People work and slave at our jobs for a pay that the Government claims is their money they let us use. It’s time we give them a taste of their own medicine. I say we as individual states go back to producing our own currency for each state. If you do commerce or trade with another state, then the other state can produce the script to any bank and exchange for that states currency.

How did Germany exchange money with France? It would be no different than exchanging currency with Canada or Mexico.

The individual income tax is eliminated to the Fed. The Fed can’t tax state issued currency. Only when the states do commerce or trade with another state can the fed tax the monetary value of the goods or services. The Fed won’t be able to tax the money used within the state because it is not their script the state is using. We effectively become our own masters again as the founding fathers wanted. We will no longer be beholden to the Fed, because we will not use nationalized currency. Thus allowing the states to make and uphold their own laws. Reciprocity pacts and extraditions will be up to the states as they are now. The states can do business with outside entities if they choose to but, that will be taxable by the Fed as that is Interstate commerce. Intrastate commerce is only taxable if you use Federal script. Using state script or the script of your municipality is only taxable by the issuer. This eliminates many Federal banking institutions and reduces the amount of waste the Fed is allowed. State and US reps and Senators will be paid for by each state. No more voting for wage increases. The people will judge if you have earned the money and are deserving.

I propose further that each state maintain their own guard unit paid for by each state. Not the Feds. We will have our National Armies separate from the State Guard Units . The State Guard Units will be under the control of the Governor. To be used by the Fed at the Governors discretion. We will pay a state tax which will be used for the states expenses. Not the Fed.

If secession is a real possibility then the monetary status will already be in place and it would be a fluid transaction. As with any monies or script I may distribute, It would already be guaranteed by the amount of silver or gold on hand to back it up. Unlike the fed., the municipality would not print monies unless it had precious metals on hand to prove it up.

I must tell you all that to go on would be a never ending thing. This has a lot more to it but, I must stop here and continue at another time.

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  1. The fed would still be dependent upon the states regardless of our disposition. Our independent treatment would be contingent on reciprocity pacts which would allow for the continuation of interstate trucking and rail travel uninterrupted. Thus food and other essential goods would still be readily available. As long as the fed didn’t exert muscle they don’t have. The difference being, states would be able to have more control of their individual infrastructure instead of the fed holding funds hostage while demanding state governors knuckle under to the federal demands.

    1. And the States will be dependant upon the hopefully more-sovereign People. It’s a question only of whether the whole cookie crumbles, isn’t it?

      1. It can get painful for the short term but, the long term effect will serve our children well.

  2. Maybe we could use all the U.S. dollars we would have left over after succeeding and buy gold and silver from foreign countries to transition to state dollars? But if states were to succeed from federal control, would the Fed’s treat us like a foreign country and put embargos on us like they do to other countries overseas? It would take a lot of deep thinking to actually succeed from the Federal government!

    1. As a majority of States secede, that will serve to dissolve FedGov, which, if it even exists at all, will be in no position to “enForce” embargoes or anything else. One way or the other, it will come to have only money which would be rejected everywhere, and simply go out of business. The military gang will dissolve as well, as they are also just people who need to be paid. We can expect that some sort of “union” will re-form, but without handing FedGov powers of Force over the people. IOW it may come to receive voluntary contributions from individuals, or more likely that the State governments will assume more powers of Force. There’ll be a lotta shaking goin’ on!

  3. I, for one, think your idea has real merit. We all know the feds would scream like banshees – and I’d love it if they did – as long as no one gave in to them. The one question I have is: where would all the states get the precious metals and who would provide the amount of money they would need with which to fund every citizen’s present monetary wealth? I like the idea, and would love to hear other people’s thinking on your suggestion. Every body’s bank accounts, IRA’s retirement funds would all have to be covered, wouldn’t they if we were declaring the federally produced money null and void in individual states? I see some logistics problems, but lots of people are able to solve problems.

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