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Can Ordinary Citizens Do What Our Politicians Cannot Do?



I could make a long list of problems that exist within our country, but time grows short for action, and besides, every one of us already knows what problems we have and we all know they are not being addressed and yet MUST be.


The status quo is driving away employers, taxing the citizens for things they don’t even want, corruption at the voting booth, national bankruptcy (call it by any other name, it still is bankrupt), prices sky rocketing, minimal oil produced on our soil making us dependent on other nations, etc. Status quo cannot be allowed to continue.

What is our President doing about these problems? He is exacerbating them.

What is our Congress doing about these problems? It is exacerbating them. Not a single positive thing has come out of our government in the past 3 years with the exception some of our soldiers got to come home alive.

We have begged, pleaded, written, called, emailed, and fed-ex’ed messages and pleas to our ‘leaders’ in D.C., but by all indicators, our representative government no longer exists. We need jobs and our Congress and President spend thousands of hours on ‘health care reform’ that the population did not want, and the end result is not reform, but deform, and more of a tax bill than a health care bill. Our freedoms are being stripped away by the dozen. Our government is floundering worse than we citizens are. Our government doesn’t even appear to be trying to solve any problems.

This is my appeal to the only caring and patriotic people in the country: our citizens! I would like to explore with others who know we need some big changes and who honestly believe those changes will not come from within our government as that is where most of the problems lie.

Our system of government has worked great for a couple of hundred years under decent leadership. That was in the past. We no longer have decent ‘leadership’; in fact, we have no leadership at all. All Congress seems interested in doing is ‘write another bill’, and each and every bill written denies freedoms to Americans. No bills are passed to ‘give’ anything, only to ‘take away’ things. Our ‘leaders’ are not thinking, they seem to be unconcerned, and I do not believe for a second we can rely on them to do what is necessary.

I propose we citizens explore the possibility of forming a new type of administration, one in which laws are enacted AFTER THE CITIZENS WRITE AND PASS THEM. These laws would be few, simple, very clear and not further interpreted. Citizens would set the parameters. The word politician will be made obsolete with our proposed plan. Campaigning is also a word relegated to the dustbin of elections past. We should consider making all natural born citizens (children of two American citizens) and all legally naturalized citizens (once they have been citizens and living in America for 14 consecutive years) shareholders in our country. We would continue with our US Constitution with minor proposed changes that would enable us to eliminate politicians and that would grant us more freedoms by the abolition of taxes beyond what WE consider proper federal expenses.

We, the people, would hire an administrative team, with leader, to implement our wishes, regulations, etc. All citizens would have the exact same rights as every other. Each would be recognized as having the right to provide, in any legal manner he can, for himself, his needs, and his family and their needs. He would have a say in the contributions he makes to his country. He may even be able to decide exactly for what his money may be used for what it may NOT be used for.

I believe this type of country can be attained and prosper. If we could pull it off, it would be once again, ONE OF A KIND in the world, and the most free ever known.

There would be many, many details to iron out, many things to think through, and I would love it if many of my blogging friends would join us at the website,

for brainstorming. All of this could be done from your home at your computer. Can you think of a more exiting way to spend your unemployment time, unable to find a paying job, than by planning for and designing a new nation for your kids and grandkids?

One major downer exists: no politician, no political party, no political advisor, no newspaper, no print media, not even our own states are going to be happy with us, but we have the absolute right to maintain our country. They haven’t made decisions to help matters, but someone MUST, and that leaves US. Every American has ideas, some good, some bad, some mediocre, and if we look at all of them, interact with each other, just maybe we can come up with something to get started instead of just sitting and grousing day in and day out, waiting for the hammer to fall, waiting for that next job when all businesses have been run out of town or folded.

My suggestions are my suggestions. You may have better, but personally I am not particularly interested in exploring how we can best repeat what has already been tried and fails because citizens have been asleep at the wheel. We don’t have time to try to remodel. Starting from scratch is, in my opinion, the only way to go when repairing something as corrupt as we currently have in our government.

Can we actually DO it? Maybe we can. Maybe we cannot.

Can we try to do it? Of course we can!

Can politicians DO it? Do you see it being done?

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  1. Somehow this article was never noticed or perhaps nobody was notified.

    Yes, the politicians are doing nothing but more damage to American, Americans and their Freedoms. When voting only brings more of the same, it’s high time that We the People take over — self-defense is necessary! Turn off that TV and take time for Action!

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