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TMN: Is Texas Sovereign?

Written by James Rollins, Lagrange, Texas.  published by The Texas Nationalist Movement


Sovereign, noun, A person who has supreme power or authority. A group or body of persons or a State having supreme authority.Is Texas a sovereign state today?

I don’t think so.

Practically speaking, Texas is not sovereign and neither are Texans. It follows that Texas and Texans are not free.

The republic created under the United States Constitution has been dead for a very long time. The ratification and repeal of Prohibition was the last time the United States government observed the sovereignty of the States and the People under the Constitution. The freedoms which our federal government says we are defending abroad with our military only exist on paper with numerous restrictions here at home. We only get to enjoy what little freedom the federal government permits us to have. State laws in all matters, great and small, are subject to review, revision or nullification by federal authorities. When the federal courts aren’t telling us what we can or can’t do, some federal agency is. The accountable elected government uses the unelected and unaccountable functionaries of government to control us.

In truth we are not free at all. We answer to the government; the government does not answer to us. We fear the government; the government does not fear us. We know that our government spies on us but we are not allowed to know what our government is doing. The government can take our money and our property with impunity. It can even take our lives if we disagree too strongly or live too freely. Remember Wounded Knee, Kent State, Waco, Ruby Ridge and others. The blood of innocent Americans is on the hands of the vaunted American government, the alleged constitutional defender of our personal freedoms and our general liberty.

We are taught that our government is good and that we must obey without question to be good citizens. If people were taught to think and the truth about our national government were taught, the government would fall in an instant. The national government serves itself and favored special interests. It does not serve the greater human interests of Liberty, Peace and Prosperity. These should be the highest interests of Congress and the People within the States. This however is not the case. The destroyers of our mutual Liberty, Peace ánd Prosperity are to be found in Congress, the federal courts and federal regulatory agencies. The destroyers are to be found in banks and large corporations, and especially companies in the military-industrial complex who profit hugely selling the tools of death and destruction. All of them are willingly complicit in the democratic destruction of our mutual Liberty and Rights for the sake of wealth to be looted from future generations in the form of our national debt today. The destroyers of our mutual Liberty and Rights are the vast numbers of private citizens who cheer for and vote for more of the same.

Many Texans now regretfully find it necessary to advocate for the peaceful separation of Texas from the destructive control of the national government and the now, for all practical purposes, defunct constitutional compact of States. We believe Texas should and must go its own way in order to secure and protect Liberty, Peace and Prosperity for all Texans. The destructive course of the national government and most of the other States allows for no lesser remedial action. Remaining under the control of the national government is tantamount to agreeing to our own political, economic and social destruction. We wish the other states peace, prosperity and happiness but history shows it is not likely be so.

We will only be sovereign when Texas is a free and independent nation-state once again. Nullifying Obamacare or the NDAA or any other law does not give us back our sovereignty. The federal government will still control us because it will still control our money, our economy, whether we are at war or not, our public debt and most everything else in society through the vast number of federal programs, regulatory agencies and the military industrial complex. Any corrective political measure that lets the federal government remain in charge of our lives and the future of our children and their posterity is NOT sovereignty or Liberty. Anything less than sovereignty can only be called slavery. Texas Independence immediately and completely restores both our sovereignty and our Liberty. We cannot settle for less. Texas Independence is the only solution that works for all Texans, regardless of political party, race,creed, national origin or sexual orientation. It is time to put Texas first.

What can you do? Become a member of The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) at and join the social, political and economic fight for Texas Independence in OUR lifetime.

For Texas!
James Rollins, member TNM
La Grange, Tx


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  2. The States, most all of them, ought to have already seceded. It’s either that, or the coming collapse will accomplish that for everyone. That’ll be around the planet, not just America.

    Secession will hardly accomplish real sovereignty for humans, but it’s a good beginning. Until Government Force is eliminated in states, counties and cities, not only in America, but around the entire planet, can anyone be truly Sovereign?

    Only “governments” are allowed Force. Real People have been subjected to that Force throughout history, to be prosecuted and suffer the penalties imposed by their Rulers. Governments are exempt from those same rules!

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