No Government, No Force

Election Over, America Lost, Time for Action!

Last night, as soon as the polls closed in California, Obama was declared the Almighty.  Millions of cheering idiots gathered throughout our land and celebrated the end of America.

I am happy that those millions will suffer along with all who know better.  However, if you are amongst the moral, you know we must TAKE ACTION!

America has elected a lying and evasive socialist>communist illegal alien as it’s president, socialist-liberals as it’s congress, and immorality, irrationality and force as its mandate.

Public reaction to George W Bush and the policies resulting from his Hitler-maniac mentality, along with his Republican Party which lost all principle and direction, resulted in public rejection evidenced by election of liberal-socialist Democrats to Congress.

Beginning long befor Bush, but accelerated greatly during this decade,  our  nation, already in trouble, abandoned the Constitution and it’s citizens, moved into fascism and increased socialism, and wildly increased the national debt to impossible levels.  Government became all-powerful, and the screams of our citizens are now safely totally ignored.

The three generations beginning with FDR have been victimized by subtle brainwashing and have become a nation of sheeple, unthinkingly adopting a creed of sacrifice, “for the greater good”, being our “Brother’s Keeper”, and Marx’s “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”.

The morality of the free individual and personal responsibility has been rejected.

America has led the entire world into a depression of almost unimaginable scope.  Today you are seeing only the beginning.  The America which became the greatest country on earth is gone, and is taking the world down with it.

As are we all … gone, we are entering the new Dark Age from which we may never return.

The only possibility for the survival of mankind ever seeing again the light of freedom, is that somehow mankind learns true morality.

Morality is very simple, don’t be terrified of that word.  Morality comes not of  Mysticism; it comes not of Force; it comes from the sanctity of the individual.

If you do not understand this…
Philosopher and author Ayn Rand, born in Russia and living thru the Bolshevik revolution with pure unadulterated horrible communism,  wrote the philosophy of Objectivism during much of the last century.  If anything should be required reading, it would be her works.  Many have begun with “Atlas Shrugged”, my personal “bible”. Despite that it is a long and redundant tirade, it is truth.  Others of her writings are more specific and concise.  Her books are widely available on the internet; there is no excuse for continuing one’s ignorance.

True morality is based solely on your right to life, your right to sustain that life, and your right make your own personal choices about all affects your life.  Morality demands first that you respect and honor those same rights for all others, and finally, morality also demands rejection of all who seek to control you and thereby remove your freedoms.

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