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Cellphone Sign-in

Cellphone Sign-in

Wordfence’s (we use this within WordPress) Cellphone Sign-in

uses a technique called “Two Factor Authentication” which is used by banks, government agencies and military world-wide as one of the most secure forms of remote system authentication. It’s now available from Wordfence for your WordPress website. “Two Factor” relies on two things: Something you know (your password) and something you have (your cellphone). To access your website, you need to know your password and have your cellphone with you.

Cellphone sign-in is a two step sign-in process. When you enable this feature for a member, they first sign-in using their username and password. Then they receive an SMS on their cellphone containing a code. Then they sign in again using their username, and they reenter their password with a space and the code they received at the end of the password.

Cellphone Sign-in eliminates all common forms of brute force hacking. For a hacker to access a user account with Cellphone Sign-in enabled, they would have to steal a member’s cellphone to access their account. We recommend you enable Cellphone Sign-in for all Administrator level accounts.

To enable Cellphone Sign-in Authentication for a user account:

  1. Enter the username.
  2. Enter a phone number where the code will be sent when the member wants to sign in.
  3. Hit the enable button.
  4. An activation code is sent to the member’s phone.
  5. Get the activation code from the member and enter it next to the username in the list below.
  6. Click the “Enable” button to enable Cellphone Sign-in for that member.
  7. From now on the user will only be able to sign-in by using Cellphone Sign-in.


Enter a username to enable Cellphone Sign-in:
Enter a phone number where the code will be sent: Format: +1-123-555-5034
[Striker:  As I have no interest in even trying to use my cellphone for internet access, I know nothing about this and can’t support you in this process.  All I can do is share this information.  Hey, I don’t even know if it’s useful!  If there is something we must do to accommodate this for you, tell us what you need from us via comment.][subscribe2]


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