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Collectivism – Evil?

This post was triggered from a post at entitled “IS PROGRESSIVISM EVIL?”? My two comments there now become this little article.? I choose here to use Collectivism as the preferred all-inclusive substitute for those many ugly forms of Force.
So first the definition of evil:

from World English Dictionary at
? adj
1. morally wrong or bad; wicked: an evil ruler
2. causing harm or injury; harmful: an evil plan
3. marked or accompanied by misfortune; unlucky: an evil fate
4. (of temper, disposition, etc) characterized by anger or spite
5. not in high esteem; infamous: an evil reputation
*6. offensive or unpleasant: an evil smell
7. slang good; excellent
? n
8. the quality or an instance of being morally wrong; wickedness: the evils of war
9. ( sometimes capital ) a force or power that brings about wickedness or harm: evil is strong in the world
10. archaic an illness or disease, esp scrofula (the king’s evil )

and last, my conclusion

Thus evil is a immoral action and/or state of mind.? The broader term morality is used rather than imputing god(s) as the exclusive authority.

So yes, progressivism is, as are all forms of collectivism, evil.? This evil can exist only when permitted to use Force of any man against another.

Mankind has invented and instituted governments, which supposedly authorize the use of force.? I doubt that our Founders did this to us intentionally, but their failure to prohibit Force is most unfortunate.? The collectivist mentality requires governments as it’s tool of Force.? Fortunately, mankind thus far has somewhat held onto the principle of consent, using oaths and writs as evidence of consent.? Consent may be granted, but not morally decreed by another.

When and if mankind finally concludes that each individual has the natural right to life and thus to sustain that life, the word government will at last disappear as the status quo.? There is nothing which can prevent men from creating voluntary associations by mutual consent which can serve to provide moral/ethical standards prohibiting Force.


Failing a rational/moral approach will surely cause the extinction of humanity.


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  1. Great stuff. I could not agree more. Involuntarism is the very definition of evil.

    1. Glad to find those who agree. I hope you’ll spend more time here at No-Ruler!

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