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Divided We Stand

%name Divided We Stand

I come here this morning with no intention of? reviving the much-deserved criticism of President George W Bush and Republicans ranging from so-called conservatives to neo-cons to? RINO’s? to plain simple braindeads.? I’ll say only that their policies of war and debt triggered the 2006 public rejection and the switch to the Democrats.

Nothing really changed; the wars continued, the soaring debt accelerated, and nearly 100 years of Congress using the Federal Reserve as it’s partner-in-crime continued the growing rush toward inflation of the now completely fiat (unbacked by anything) dollar and the inevitable economic collapse ahead, all with the unwitting, even enthusiastic, support of both Parties.

Years before under the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act, mortgage lending had been re-structured by Congress (don’t bother trying to blame the bankers!) to minimize buyer qualifications, provide low-interest-rate monies, and suspend most loan criterion of FNMA and FMAC, clones which had been created earlier by your Government to facilitate mortgage trading.? The bankers played their role by taking advantage of their golden opportunity to creating mortgages which had the ready FNMA/FMAC buyers eagerly awaiting.? FNMA/FMAC, trusted worldwide, had no trouble reselling the bad paper to deliberately unwary “investors” anywhere and everywhere.? The mortgage foibles became set in stone as Fact without Recourse.? The resulting “housing boom” became highly inflationary with prices doubling and tripling without regard to the quality of the homes, the home-buyers, the mortgages.

Interest rates began to soar; the ARM mortgage rates increased rapidly and dramatically.? The fools who bought using ARM’s were caught with their pants down.? The artificial bubble burst, and blame fingers on wailing flailing arms were pointed in every direction except that of the real cause, the criminal U.S Government.

So finally the infamous day arrived, that day when President Bush appeared on nationwide TV with Treasury Secretary Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, all of them in virtual tears over the worsening economic situation, begging Congress for salvation via TARP, which was passed without thinking in a few days — the rush was on.

The 2008 campaign was in heated full swing, and both McCain and Obama left their campaigns and rushed back to the Senate to cast their votes FOR insanity.? Vast sums of debt were authorized without restraint, supposedly intended to fix the housing collapse with it’s the vast foreclosure problems.? They voted for debt to cure debt, and of course they charged the bills to the people.

Election2008 — The irrational drive for collectivism, which covers the gamut of socialist, communist, fascist, nazi, marxist, keynesian, and herds of so-called humans commonly referred to as “sheeple”, have seemingly accomplished the irrational and impossible.? Redistribution has become? the order of the day.

All this has succeeded only in polarizing America, and perhaps most of this planet Earth.

Most certainly within America, we have the the untenable polarity of collectivists using government as their tool of Force versus real humans insisting upon Liberty.

There can be no resolving this polarity within this system which allows government to Force.? When? the Nation called America? finally falls into the abyss of economic collapse and disappears, the people will have one last chance to do it right.

Unless we make plans for a Voluntary System BEFORE that sad day, as in “NOW”, how will we ever be able to make it right from the abyss?

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