No Government, No Force

Failures of the Founders


Our “founding fathers” did some good thinking, but in the end there was a convention of 56 men to write a constitution by committee, always a mistake.

* They omitted all reference to the good words within the Declaration of Independence. Thus they made no provisions by which the States might secede, nor any means by which the People might terminate their Rulership.

* They created another government of Force, for which we are paying a horrid price today.

* This was a FEDERAL government which is not limited to defense and treaties. Handing it powers over the individual people was a horrid mistake.

* They decreed that the Federal Government have total control over “Money” , yet somehow TheFed was established as the central bank, which led to the Fiat money of today.

* They created a “balance of powers”, in which they gave the People no role.

* That included a “justice system” owned and operated by FedGov.

* They failed to ban redistribution.

* They gave Federal undue powers over the States.

* They failed to state with clarity the requirements for being president. Five long years now and we’ve been unable to get rid of an alien non-citizen president whose every action is by having found the cracks in the constitution.

* They even omitted the Bill of Rights, but fortunately the States would not ratify without it.

* Thus as always they created yet another government destined to fail, as have all others failed from the beginnings of history. Those fine words “Of the People, By the People, and For the People” proved to be negated by everything this government has done since.

Everyone rants but, few even bother to think of an Action, and are sore afraid to even discuss resistance. That is because we have a government of Force, under which People are afraid to resist when they believe it will land them in some FEMA camp.

Therefore they continue to believe that somehow man can continue supporting governments of Force as the nonsensical alternative.  I hope some readers will come to pay attention.

The only good alternative is to get rid of this government, either by dissolution, or by us simply waiting for this government to go bankrupt and out of business.  Then, and only then, will we have a Voluntary System with True Liberty.

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  1. Thank you – I needed that, especially today!

  2. Best article I have read in a long, LONG time!!! Kudos!!!

  3. Yes, they had to add the Bill of Rights only because they couldn’t get the States to sign up with out. I strongly agree with your last sentence, and any Constitutional Convention threatens to finish the devastation already underway.

    We MUST start all over which *whatever*, which should be a Voluntary System replacing Governments, Rulers, and abject tyranny. It may well be the one last chance for Humans@

  4. This happened many, many years ago right after they had fought the war with the English to be free!
    I feel that’s why they put the 4th article in the Bill of rights, They had just ousted a tyrannical government ( The English).
    And they had listed a way to remove tyrants from high office also! Last but not least there is a way to amend the constitution.
    The problem is: No one is using any of there rights , The only amending they are trying to do is to take our rights away!

    1. You are right. But…….there seems ALWAYS to be a “but”…..amending the Constitution is quite dangerous. If the wrong people get, take, steal control of it, the results can be even more disastrous than the problem being addressed has been. We can vote them out…..but we cannot if they are there by virtue of the opposing view voters, and we cannot otherwise because the ballot box is too deeply tainted. We could impeach, but our politicians are in charge of that and too gutless to do it. They may lose an impeachment, but the citizens deserve to see the attempt at any rate. The court has maintained that private citizens have no “standing”; ergo the legal system has abandoned America. The Congress has abandoned us. The President has abandoned us. Citizens who pay the bills have no say. I happen to believe no part of our government operates as it should, and I include the criminal justice system, courts, etc. I believe enough Americans are SO FAR removed from logic and independent thinking that our country as we have known it is, in effect, DEAD. I believe what we should be discussing now is a burial, not a revival……our nation we grew up in is dead, and cannot be revived, at least not without MASSIVE BLOODSHED, and THAT doesn’t necessarily bring her back to life. I don’t believe for an instant that a change of leadership at this stage will do much good. Nor a change in our “representation”. We are not being represented now, and won’t be represented with another election. Until conservatives are in the real MAJORITY IN EVERY BRANCH, the socialists will win because they NEVER give up. They stay in closets for decades, then, when the time is right for them, they come out en masse.

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