No Government, No Force

Common Law:

“If a people expect to be ignorant and free they expect what never was and never will be – – Thomas Jefferson



[Dean Striker:  I’m not a “lawyer”, so I present this only for what it is, better knowledge about a system supposedly under the “Rule of Law” which does not meet the test of the Common Law”.

We have been stymied by a Government with it’s judicial system and a Congress which seems helpless to do anything to censure or remove an illegal alien so-called “President”.  It would seem that a Common Law Grand Jury would be our moral and proper way of proceeding.

This video runs 35 minutes and is “just for starters”.  If it makes sense to you, the Liberty Alliance website shows several major links which should fill in the gaps.  We would be most interested in the comments and participation of some real Lawyers addressing the principles of Common Law.] 


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  1. Anyone out there who cares to get into a discussion on Common Law, Please?

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