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End Deficit Spending – Avoid ShutDown

We are plain tired of spending our entire lives battling a government of force.  We are tired of spending all day everyday avoiding the distractions of  the evil fools in the District of Criminals quarreling over ZeroCare while at the same time building new windmills to tilt.  The lives of Americans are consumed with all this to such extent that nobody has any time to actually work a job or build a business.  It’s not working, is it?

The Powers that Be call this a government Shut-Down.  Many government workers have been “furloughed” but continue to hang around to harass the Subjects.  They obviously believe that they’ll be paid a bit later, but who knows?  They say only 17% of government is put on the shelf, which means 83% is still hard at their work of making the people miserable and scared.

October 17th America ran out of money, and instead of biting the bullet, Congress caved and raised the debt limit… AGAIN.  It was clear that the Rulers would  panic because they’ve run out of time seeking to “compromise” all Principle, and we’ve already seen their non-solution making matters worse.

They are merely trying to hyper-inflate the debt away, meaning that meanwhile any savings and reserves belonging to the “citizens” will wash down the mountain in the flood of frenzy.  Congress has been screwing around with this for years, when the entire solution has always  available right there at their fingertips.

So I first refer you to a quick look at – entitled “A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies”.  A quick look at that first page should suffice.  My point is that there are page after page listing Bureaus, Services, Agencies and such.  EVERY one of all those (guessing there are over 1,000) draws it’s money from the public trough.

The solution is so obvious, and so simple.  Congress (actually can probably be the House alone) votes the funding for ALL of them).  The House can defund any or all of them.  Congress can eliminate as many as it wishes.  As that is done, that magic point is reached where Revenue is larger than Outgo.  There is nothing to “negotiate”, they simple decide to DO this.  There’s no need then for any debt increase.  As the process continues, the $17 trillion debt can be paid off in a very few years.

What is beyond possible, tho, is restoring the other “unfunded future liabilities”, another $130-some trillion already stolen by your esteemed government and spent for current wrongs.  It is that which leaves the global Great Collapse inevitably before us.

So, folks, it’s up to you.  If you want this “shut-down” to go away, convince your congressmen.  Pass this on to your entire mailing list (you will find out then who your “friends” really are)!
Share it with every website you can reach.  It’s okay to copy the whole thing – I don’t copyright – see the bottom line on any of my pages.

Don’t even bother with Obama — what he thinks matters not.

He can disagree all he wants, but all the blame will go to Obama, once Congress finally does it’s duty.  Since it apparently must start in the House, they need to just do this and they will have won instantly, as they are the real paymasters!  Harry Reid can bluster all he wants, but unless he keeps the big scam going with new money, it’s just nasty noise. 

Yours for a truly free America

Dean Striker,  Arizona


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  1. I’ve sent this list to everyone I know and those responding have found dozens of these “agencies, offices, departments” that could disappear overnight and no one would EVER miss them because they are useless or serve no good purpose – but they do contribute to the growth of government and the waste of taxpayer money. I say permanently shut down every one of them that does not directly connect with a mandated responsibility of the federal government………..that would be MOST of them.

    1. Thank you, Tasine. We appreciate your doing as suggested, so thank you! We so need to spread the word, and that’s how it’s done. By email, by posting to any other websites individuals can reach, and finally by contacted your Representative. Because Thursday the 17th is TOMORROW, and they should be voting on SOMETHING tomorrow, it’s probably best to phone.

      Pseudo-Prez Obama has intimated that he may shut down SS payments and such. Now I don’t know how that decision is up to him — it ought to be Congress making such choices.

      There are hundreds of bureaus which are spending billions of dollars on Unconstitutional things with do no real good for a Free America. We must either stop it or watch America become merely another chapter in history. Getting the revenue and spending in balance is a critical start. This has been creeping up upon Americans for many long years. Congress will never stop it except if it hears from the multitudes of citizens!

      Thank you again.

  2. Word came in just a couple of hours ago, not fully verified, but…. Boehner has caved, from which I assume that their gonna once again raise the debt limit, add more to the bills Gov claims the people must pay, so we proceed to the Great Collapse.
    How long do we wait and tolerate Gov destroying the future, not only ourselves, but the next several generations. Why can we not live and let live?

  3. Had to read it twice before I fully understood but I could probably name off about 6 that can be folded into another or eliminated completely. The redundancy of most of the bureaus is ridiculous.

    1. I’m thinking more that surely from that VERY long list are many which can be cancelled completely, being completely at odds with Freedom and the Constitution.

      Since it is the House which is charged with controlling the purse-strings, they can “defund” anything. Even better would be ALSO simply voiding and cancelling Bureaus X, Y, and Z., until there is no longer any deficit spending. It’s called the “balance of powers”, and Harry Reid and his gestapo Senate may disagree but the “balance” remains.

      Of course it all depends upon Congress standing up for the Constitution, but if the People stay with this Resistance, hopefully it will come to pass.

      Anyway, what’s our alternative? Increase the overwhelming debt limit again, and proceed to the inevitable Great Collapse?

  4. Please share this to wherever else you surf. As always, time is of the essence. We have only 1 week.
    Thank you

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