No Government, No Force

Guns and Freedom (short version)

We have in this country a constitution and men who are much wiser than what we have now added 10 amendments called ,appropriately , the Bill of RIghts. This bill guarantees we have certain freedoms. One of which is the right to bear arms. Knowing we would need them to protect and defend the Constitution and the other 9 amendments of the bill. When the government has all the guns or other weapons of defense , the government controls what you can and can’t do. It no longer is ,”Of the people, by the people. It’s,” What the State allows.”! The key to keeping our most basic of freedoms is with an armed and at ready populous. If we lose the 2nd amendment , what safeguards do we have to protect our freedom of speech, or press, from unwarranted search and seizures, or religion? How do we stop the ” State” from controlling our farms, and homes? How we raise our kids? Who we can associate with? You see where this is going? What the crybabies are fear mongering about is less than .000001% of the population taking a gun and murdering. Cars are used to kill more people than guns. Baseball bats are used in more violent attacks than guns. Cigarettes are responsible for killing more people than guns ,daily. Where is the call to ban them? Where is the outrage? Why are you assaulting just guns. Because you people can’t seize control if you ban cars or cigarettes. Only by disarming Americans can you make us vulnerable to control and extermination. Maybe I’m thinking too extreme, but if we can’t protect our homes, family and property, then how long before we are working on state sponsored farms? Entrepreneurship will cease to exist. No incentive to be creative. The “State” will dictate where and when you will work. We will al have to come to the government for our job and life assignments. An oppressive utopian society that will be run by the State and no longer will free will reign supreme. Continued later………

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Updated: 13 Mar 2014 — 08:38:59

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  1. Sorry, somehow I missed this until now. My thought is that we must have the 2nd Amendment for as long as we continue to be governed. In a Voluntary System there can be no government or other involuntary entity authorized to remove one’s guns, thus it’s needed only when we’re Governed!

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