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How Do You Like Living Under a Dictatorship?


We have always wondered how it must be to live under a dictatorship.  We talk about freedoms, we excoriate those who would be dictators, we even fight wars to free others from the oppression they are under with a tyrant leading their countries.

We in the US have become a dictatorship.  We still call our nation a constitutional democratic republic………that’s because we cannot bring ourselves to face reality.  To realize we have lost thousands of good men and women in wars to protect others – and now we need protection from the ravages of a tyrannical dictatorship, and there is no one to come to our rescue.  We have allowed it to get SO bad because of admonitions to “give him a chance”, admonitions to “don’t be a racist”.  We are the serfs of the political left – and if you don’t believe it, just ask the dead Americans in Benghazi who were deliberately left to die a certain violent death.  Just ask Brian Terry, murdered Border Patrolman.  Just ask right wing groups trying to get exempt status from IRS and IRS withholding them while processing left wing groups right and left.  Just ask George Zimmerman who won his case thanks to an honest jury, but is still talked about and treated as a hardened criminal.  Just ask all the people who have lost either their health insurance OR their doctor because of Obamacare which the public was opposed to from the beginning and which was passed solely by the left.  Just ask the millions of faithful voters who plead with their “legislators” to disallow illegal immigration and who see those “legislators” cheerfully vote FOR illegal immigration.  Ask all of us who have been spied on for No REASON whatsoever.  Ask those who have lost jobs merely for speaking a non PC word?!  Ask those who have been cheated out of property merely because of EPA wanting to gain some notoriety and/or some property without paying for it, such as saving some beetle’s habitat.

No, we do not live in a representative democratic republic.  We have no representation.  We have no democracy.  We may have a republic, but it is at least currently being ruled with an iron hand that is totally incompetent to lead anything, who has no experience in real life, who has no history of growing up in America, who has no true interest in the well-being of Americans OR their nation. 

There are those who say we have not lost our liberties yet.  Wrong!!!!!!  We have lost many, and everything the left does begins with increments that can easily grow.  And they will not stop.  They have been at this attempt for decades here in America and if they ever let up, it will surprise me.  We haven’t lost the battle – we MISSED the battle.  The left simply waltzed in and took what they wanted, much as did Attila the Hun except they didn’t have to fire a shot. They were determined to have Medicare – it was “fought”, but they won.  They were determined to make abortions legal – the legislation was “fought” – but the left won.  They were determined to have partial birth abortions – the legislation was “fought” but they won. They love the EPA which puts more and more regs on some very important businesses.  The left lets the EPA do anything it chooses to do, thereby losing Americans the jobs they relied on.  Our belief  in our system is what enabled them to do this to us – they used it to destroy us.  In that respect they have done well.  They won a war without the enemy (the political) “firing a shot”.  The reason for that is that they used Alinsky’s advice and used all the down and dirty tricks on the right who is simply not geared for “down and dirty”. 

Taxes are sky high and NOT used the way citizens would have them used,but for parties, foreign governments, useless programs, unnecessary things.  While half the workers are out of work, the left continues to cause more and more jobs to move overseas or simply shut down.  While half the workers are out of work, the President, his Cabinet, the Senate, the House of Reps, the Supreme Court continue living the high life style and they flaunt it as though they think rubbing salt in others’ eyes is fun.  Our legislators vote themselves increases in salary and benefits, while they have voters who have to scrounge for the next meal.  Don’t tell me we live in a free country!  Or as Dirty Harry would say, “Don’t piss down my leg and try to convince me it’s raining.”

We are NOT free.  We are serfs of those in government, predominantly the President, the Congress, the Supreme Court ……. and all the agencies and departments they supervise.  When government tries to dictate to the media, how can any citizen trust a single word that comes from media?  It’s crazy to even ask us to.When government tries to dictate to the media, how can any citizen trust a single word that comes from media?  Heaven help them.  They and our politicians have destroyed America and really get mad when we tell them that.  Our government even now has “watch lists” of people they consider to be possible terrorists, and they will probably have me on that list because I never praise them for their vices.  In all probability, they have people on all sites such as this to report back to them.  They refuse to face the truth because it would make them look bad.  They want to look good and wise as they rape us and our nation and  lead the good life.  They’d much rather blame your employer, your pastor, your physician, or YOU.  We can live in serfdom or not, but the decision will have to be the citizens’ decision.  No one in government is about to help us.  One or two may try, but one or two cannot do it.  Two votes cannot beat 51 votes, even in a left wing poll.

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    1. Several possible reasons. Maybe readers don’t have anything to say. Maybe some feel too ill advised to respond. Maybe some are scared of being identified. Maybe some simply don’t want to go to the trouble to register and sign in. I’m grateful that people rate us, but some additional feedback would be encouraging, wouldn’t it?

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