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Libertarian Party to Obama’s 2013 SOTA

This from Carla Howell, executive director of the LP.

Carla made an excellent case, but there’s a critical missing element.

Remember vote2012, when the Dem-Rep monopoly each offered up nothing but a socialist with slightly different approaches.  The result was that 98% voted for collectivism, by whatever name one chooses.  A good LP candidate, Gary Johnson, garnered 1% of the vote, and the LP was delighted.  Huh?  About losing so badly?????????????????? 

For 40 years now I have been a registered and philosophically aligned Libertarian, and for 40 years we’ve been whipped at every turn.  The reason?  It’s not because of  their lack of an outstanding platform, now is it? 

Let’s start back there with independent Ross Perot who managed a gather a really substantial vote.  Because there is no run-off voting, Clinton took that election with less than a majority of the votes.  What was it… 43%?

WHAT IF we’d had run-off voting?  WHAT IF hopeful 3rd parties were not forced by state laws (from the Dem-Reps) to spend so much effort merely to get on the ballot and remain on the ballots in future elections.  WHAT IF Americans had a “candidate” on every ballot called “NONE of the Above”?  WHAT IF there was no button, no mark, for straight party voting?  Even WHAT IF No Party affiliation was allowed on the ballot? 

By these missing “rules”, no 3rd party can even hope for a foothold.  First things First, Carla!

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