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Are pbucks in our future?

Our politicians have destroyed our economic system, our health care system, our public education system, and practically everything else they touch.  They cannot help themselves from diddling into every facet of everyone’s life and into ever facet of every private business.  Well, I say, let’s override them and their decisions, particularly on finances, jobs, health care, etc.



My partner had a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that I think is a perfect answer for a good portion of our ills.  This is a far-out idea, but could be a beaut if someone with more knowledge than I would help me flesh it out.

Let me start with the well-known information that the political left believes in welfare, food programs, etc, and the political right feels that that is demeaning of healthy people who could be productive – IF there is work, IF one can make enough to live on, etc.  Other well-known information is that a goodly portion of the nation is out of work and none seems to be on the horizon for them to look forward to.  As a matter of fact, our politicians have also taxed and regulated a good number of jobs out of the country.

We all know our politicians wouldn’t listen to God if he descended and made an appointment with them.  They are too “bright” and too “famous” to mess around with anyone who might actually KNOW something.  They’d much rather make an appointment with Julia Roberts or some other famous actor, singer, or athlete who will tell them what needs doing.  (I hope you know that is tongue-in-cheek as they know less than I know about what needs doing).

The time in life when people need money the most to start a family, to start a home, to get an education is when they probably have the least.  This poses difficulty for the brightest and almost impossible for the less bright and the less wealthy.  Many have horrendous bills as they are establishing families  and trying to get their children educated.  Taxpayers fund college educations, and a good portion of the borrowers cannot repay the loans – EVERYBODY LOSES.

Let’s take my partner’s suggestion and try to flesh it out a bit.  His idea is that each American,living or at birth, is GIVEN X number of “people bucks” – NOT US dollars, but a private means of purchase power.  People bucks would not be regulated, taxed, or touched by ANY GOVERNMENT ENTITY.  Strictly PRIVATE.  Let’s pretend that each baby is awarded 50,000 people bucks, and let’s denote it this way:  p50,000 for convenience sake.
There would have to be no way to illegally get more, but they could be used for medical uses, education uses, mortgage payments, etc.  Parents could not use their childrens’ pbucks because these would be saved for when the child reached adulthood and could use them as he pleased.  The businesses or individuals paid in p bucks could add them to their collection of pbucks to be used any way he chooses.

No one would be eligible for welfare, having already received p50,000 for each person in each household or without household, so no welfare offices or employees would be needed at any level of government. People would have access to spendable “money” that the government could not take away from them. I think this might very well lead to more families staying together as so many divorces are the result of money problems, and the government takes more and more of one’s money every year with NO BENEFIT attached for the taxpayer.

Banks would not be allowed to take or dispense people bucks.

Even military families would not suffer as much financially as they now do as they would have received pbucks for emergencies, etc.

My problem with this, and I BELIEVE IT IS SOLVABLE, is that I don’t yet know how to reconcile the use of dollars vs pbucks, how to see to it that governments get money for operation, how to incentivise people to still go to work, earn real money, how to regulate the pbucks to protect them from criminal activity without infringing on people’s rights.  Rather than laugh at the idea, please think about it and let me hear all of your suggestions – with one exception.  DO NOT tell me I am crazy, that it cannot work. I don’t deal in negative thinking re problem solving.

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