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Compete with The Fed!!

IF America is ever to resume Liberty, the Federal Reserve must go. TheFed being Congress’ Partner in Crime, Congress has retained it for 98 long years now, and ignores all calls to End the Fed.

TheFed’s only assets are it’s UNSECURED fiat dollar and Treasury Debt expressed in terms of the same fiat dollar. Thus both are FALSE (fiat). COMPETITION from REAL SECURED “money” will bring rapid change, soon putting the corrupt Fed system out of business, soon causing TheFed to simply go broke — it’s much deserved and long-awaited end. At the behest of Congress, those bankers and the Federal Reserve have done it all to themselves. ?When it is lost, they will have to eat their own losses. They made the problem, they own it, and they will pay for their own folly.

Any Action necessitates rejecting and ignoring many “laws”, which Federal and State governments claim require their “PERMISSION” to establish new banks, new corporations, sell stock. Much of that “law” is unconstitutional. Supposedly we can’t print our own money, and even the word “Dollar” is a big pseudo-copyright. There are rooms-full of such “laws” which define and “regulate” banking. “They” have plenty of space available in the prisons for those who disobey Their Laws. We the People don’t control this government; — we don’t even have a voice!

We will never see Congress fixing this momentous mistake by “Ending The Fed”.  WE can fix it using Free Market competition!  So where do we begin? What is “The Plan”?

Here is The Plan, Simple, Right Here, Right Now…

Because controlling or ending The Fed is impossible, simply COMPETE, using the natural and moral attributes of free market capitalism.The only way to be competitive is by never never creating or issuing fiat money.

We will have to ignore all the phony “laws” which block our path to Liberty.  Within a completely free and totally unregulated market, we will create private, free market entities — associations or corporations — forming Private Banks holding private assets evidenced by either stocks, accounts or anything tangible — Real, not Fiat! These banks create and issue it’s own banknotes as currency, SECURED by the assets held.

Too strange? Consider that much such “money” already exists – every share of Stock, on or off Wall Street, is money already. Every tangible thing of value can be used in exchange for any other thing. All we will lose is the convenience of making change. “Money” is called a “store of value”, but as fiat money is without intrinsic value, and is subject daily inflation, where is that “store”? Therefore, the only correct definition of fiat “money” is as a “medium of exchange”.

The security is stated upon each and every banknote, which can be anything which is actually owned or controlled by the bank. Such might be deposits (with depositor consent, of course), stocks, gold, silver, realty, mortgages, autos, or even bags of compost! Individuals within a free market will weed out the the good, the bad, and the ugly — this is exactly how a truly free market works!

Those new free-market banks could loosely join to create it’s own Association as a “central clearinghouse”, the coordinator for the new banking system, and some procedural and ethical rules. That Association might also establish private deposit insurance somewhat akin to the FDIC for it’s Members, althought there is good reason to have competition in that arena as well.

I am neither economist nor banker; but I do understand the basics. I’m perfectly willing to be wrong, and I am too old, too slow, and too unwilling to “lead the pack”. There’s nothing in it for me except the good feeling of true liberty.

I merely offer these as the seeds of The Plan. Planting and reaping the harvest will be up to others, but everyone will share in the benefits. Do you agree that something must be done, and done very soon? All this present sham/scam is rushing us headlong into devastating and unavoidable collapse. Are there just a few savvy people out there who are willing to risk all in order to get this right? Think about the source of those risks — all are merely the claims of government. Perhaps YOU can make this leap toward enjoying the profits of a truly free market?

We don’t care to hear comments from the gestapo types saying “Oh, you can’t do that!” or “What about the Regulations?”. If you don’t even recognize the problem or cannot fathom how to cure this except by using more Force, just go away.

We’ll greatly appreciate comments and suggestions — this is only your “second draft”. Come here not to argue, but to enhance and fine-tune. Just stick with the K.I.S.S. formula, please!

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  1. Wow! Great job of finding this reference !

  2. I think it was Nixon who took out the law that said all dollars had to backed with gold, but it might have been earlier than that. I think that’s what started all this printing 24/7 . It was originally set up to only print replacement money for money that was destroyed because of wearing out or torn. People are going to wake up as our grocer store are having some items sky rocket in price, but most don’t have a clue why!

    1. Know that this has been going on longer than the past century of TheFed, I did a search and came up with tons (as in way too many) articles.

      This was one of the better “finds”:

  3. Have been thinking about this issue. All the laws related to banking that we would have to circumvent – would we be able to accomplish this by virtue of calling our system something other than “banking”? And the word, “dollar”, wouldn’t need to be used. Seems to me it has become a dead word anyway. I realize these are simplistic, but maybe if enough simplistic comments come in, we can fine a diamond in the rough.

    1. Much of the Constitution is based upon total government control of “money”. While we now have some competition with the likes of BitCoin, that seems mostly a variation of fiat. I could be wrong about that, tho.

      But the predicament is beyond correction under the as-is Constitution. It’s a major mistake, but I see virtually no possibility of correcting this wrong, given both the blind loyalty to the Constitution and the hordes of citizens who refuse to even IMAGINE living without being Governed!

      1. I don’t see any hope either, we might very well be past the point of no return! It’s ridicules how many people I have seen who have signed a petition to euthanize older people from a stranger with a clipboard. I seen the same man asking what looked like college students questions about Benghazi and they had no clue even what happened at Benghazi. Those radicals in schools are turning out walking Zombies out of our kids, to do their bidding!

  4. I studied economics for 3 years, but didn’t get a lot out of it, and I know nothing about banking, but it seems to me that considering everything done by private parties is more successful and dollar efficient than everything done by the government at greater cost with lesser benefit, this plan makes sense. When our economy collapses, the fiat dollars held by the feds will be useless, or at least that is my understanding, because all those fiat dollars are not secured as they once were. Having a private clearinghouse doing the banking and clearing in which all dollars are secured, backed by tangible items, could possibly be the only way our country could get back on track, back on its feet.

    We’ve already seen how effective and thoughtful our “leaders” are – don’t count on them in an emergency – be prepared on your own because that’s what will keep you alive during chaos that will ensue once collapse occurs. THE FED NEEDS COMPETITION! It has done such a bang-up job so far, almost anyone who knows a little about banking could do better for the citizens of this country!

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