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How Did the United States become a Divided Country?

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Kincaid Clifford Sr  How Did the United States become a Divided Country?

Cliff Kincaid

This is by no means my area of expertise, but I believe it is evident to everyone that our nation is not what it once was. This is evidenced by two groups of people at loggerheads. One group, called Conservatives, want the country they grew up in to return. The other group, called Progressives, want as much changed as is humanly possible. There has developed quite a rift between the two groups, primarily because it has become more than evident what the Progressives are about.

People like me, a Conservative, are happy with what my country was in previous years. Sure, there were things that needed changing – and many things were changed. Conservatives are not opposed to change, but they ARE discerning what direction any proposed change will take them. Conservatives are not stuck in a rut, they are AT HOME. Conservatives take a certain pride in being self sufficient and place strong emphasis on individualism.

I can’t pretend to understand how a Progressive’s mind works. They seem to always be looking for some sort of change, and it seems the more controversial it is, the better. I haven’t a clue why they are so unhappy with America as it is – I can find no reason to radically change it. Progressives don’t seem to view America as “home”. Progressives have a collectivist mentality, placing state over individual, making the state supreme and the individual subservient to the state or party. They want the government to be all, see all, take care of all, make all well. They love government entitlements and cannot seem to see the harm in them, nor can they see the unsustainability of them. It’s as though they believe entitlements can be massive and forever. I believe they actually think they are doing good for people by giving them entitlements. What they are actually doing is consigning them to a lifetime of dependency, destroying their individuality, artificially casting them in groups and economic levels that are less than desirable.

Some history gleaned at
‘The Progressive Era in the United States was a period of reform that flourished from the 1890s to the 1920s.

Keeping corruption out of politics was a main goal of the progressive era, with many Progressives trying to expose and undercut political machines and bosses.

Many Progressives supported prohibition in order to destroy the political power based in saloons.

At the same time, women’s suffrage was promoted to bring a “purer” female vote into the arena.’
I applaud their attempt to keep corruption out of politics and the work on women’s suffrage. I do not applaud the support of prohibition. The primary reason I don’t applaud it is because it is an attempt to manipulate others’ behavior and we have learned this doesn’t work well with the recalcitrant, and the second thing I hold against them is that it interfered with businesses. I am neither a tea teetotaler nor a drunk. Even if I were, I’d still be against prohibition. It infringes on others’ rights.

This penchant for attempting to control others has really taken hold and Republicans are not innocent in that area, but the Democrats and Progressives are absolutely manic about it and are determined to tell everybody what to do, when and how to do it even though that has proven to never work. The only way they can make it work is to have total control over the citizenry. And I have to say that I believe that is exactly where we are currently headed. Wouldn’t Mr. Obama or any of his buddies make perfect tyrants?

I think it is obvious that Progressives and Communists are so closely allied as to be thought of as synonymous. I believe all philosophies that adhere to collectivism should be suspect and should not be politely tolerated by red blooded Americans. I don’t know that we can do much about them, but we don’t have to encourage them. They talk “down their noses” at us, hoping to intimidate us and chill our convictions. We must not allow them to sway us.

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  1. This article was posted on SodaHead, and progressives really ate it up. They accused conservatives of being in a rut whereas progressives were in favor of “progress”. We all know the mantras they use – personally I think some of them actually believe they want progress, but I’d be willing to bet not a one of them can name anything that you or I would call progress, and I believe anything they may call “progress” we would call simply “control of others”. My friends, we have large groups of people in our country who don’t even understand what liberty is, and not knowing, they don’t value it. They beg and strive for the exact opposite of liberty.

    Since I am no longer at SH, I’d like to respond to some of the comments made there.

    One responder said, among other things, “Progress means further improvement, growth and development, so tell me why that’s a bad thing. It just seems to me that Conservatives are fearful and ignorant. Ignorant meaning they don’t understand, not insinuating stupidity. In fact, a recent study done on brain activity of Conservatives and Liberals revealed that most Conservatives spend most of their time using the center of the brain that is the fight or flight part, and that Liberals tend to use the executive thinking part of the brain most of the time. Here is a link to one of the studies; This fact has been sited in many other studies.”

    Another stated, “That said, there are good reasons why Progressives want “as much changed as is humanly possible”. It’s because this world is REALLY SH*TTY for 80% of the population who live in poverty. You see, 20% of the world’s population (which includes pretty much everyone in the U$) controls 80% of the world’s wealth. This isn’t some chance, coincidence, or simply through the “hard work” of that “successful” 20%. This is because of EXPLOITATION. Whether you like it or not, your American lifestyle is led at the expense of the 15 year old girl in the sweatshop in China who made your jeans, the 12 year old in Africa who dropped out of school to harvest the cocoa beans for your chocolate (which some of them have never even tasted), and the millions of Iraqi civilians whose blood your car runs on.

    The real issue here is that neither Progressives nor Conservatives in America are willing to look outside of the system under which they’re operating. The Democrats are NOT going to fix this. The Republicans are NOT going to fix this. And you know what? Even if we did manage to make a third party a viable option- they’re NOT going to fix it either! The problem is that everyone keeps trying to go left or right when we should be going forward.”

    Re the comment about conservatives being “fearful” about new things, I totally disagree. Conservatives are fearful of very few things. What she calls “fearful” is in fact a reluctance to dive headlong into a creek filled with boulders without first knowing one is not going to dive into a boulder. The left want to try “new things”, but only THEIR idea of new things, most of which end in disaster. Conservatives try to slow them down before they destroy good things in exchange for horrid things – such as Obamacare, such as the EPA, such as American education. They demand, not request, help and compliance when they have no way of knowing or being able to convince knowledgeable people that said ideas will even work.

    In response to the second commenter, I will agree the rest of the world is a mess. She thinks “progress” means we should clean up the rest of the world. She doesn’t seem to realize they have made their own mess, they don’t want us “cleaning it up”, and if we DO clean it up, it won’t stay cleaned up. Additionally, she is unaware we are not capable of cleaning it up. We are bankrupt. Our grandchildren and great grandchildren are so deeply in debt BECAUSE of our government, that they will be financially stripped of every penny they cannot hide in order to simply pay off the interest. We have no business “cleaning up the rest of the world”. The world is comprised of nations who make their own laws, their own regs, and they are sovereign as is the U.S.

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