No Government, No Force


Let’s see if we can describe what has happened in our nation since Barack Hussein Obama was seated as President.

We have learned that he told one primary truth:  that he wanted to fundamentally change this nation.  He has done that.  He has turned it from a quasi-freedom country to a quasi-tyrannical country.  He has taught us that our Constitution is helpless against totally dedicated communists and one worlders who may gain control of it.  He has taught us that a President can become dictator simply by arming his administration with people who are as craven as he is, who have as much disdain for America and its Constitution as he does.  When a President of any nation is a sociopath, he has no compunction about anything he does because he knows no conscience, feels no guilt, does not understand compassion, and places NO ONE above himself.  He has no moral center and feels no true passion that is outside himself.  He has even more power when he KNOWS the citizens are basically honest and law abiding.  He knows they want to be good citizens – and he knows how to take advantage of that morality.  Not only does he know how to take advantage, he is anxious to take advantage of moral people whom he sees as fodder for this dictatorship, and NOTHING more than that.

I believe the majority of Americans want to do something to straighten out Washington DC so that it returns to its Constitutional roots, and they have tried.  They have tried every legal thing known to America, but all efforts have failed.  What methods have they tried?  When the first known Constitutional rape occurred (Obamacare enacted solely on Democrat votes, and without ever having been read), citizens begged Congress to impeach the imposter President, Obama.  As far as I know the “suggestions” were never even discussed, let alone planned.  The division of powers has failed us because the Republican Party could not bring itself to confront the true enemy of America:  the President and the Democrat Party.  It is true they probably failed and then blamed for the added expense of an impeachment, but it was NEEDED.  The true Americans NEEDED representation.  Many of us believe in miracles, and I firmly believe an impeachment of Obama would have been dismissed by the Democrat Senate in the sentencing phase, but at least the right thing would have been done,and who can say that a miracle would NOT have taken place?    Now the Republicans in Congress try to out-think the enemy.  I maintain, and not from a religious stance, that evil cannot be out-thought because good people cannot bring themselves to think as evilly as can our enemies.  WE feel guilt – THEY do NOT.  We KNOW our usurpers are evil, so what’s to be learned?  The sole object should be to defeat the evil within our government.

So, some private citizen legal efforts were posed.  Most were dismissed as non-standings, or were laughed out of the courts.  Well, let’s get it to the SCOTUS.  After a few years SCOTUS ruled on it – and the citizens were once again tricked, betrayed – by the very branch of government set up to make sure the Constitution was followed.

So be it, we still have the vaunted ballot box.  Yippee!!  The ballot box has been tainted for years and it hasn’t suddenly been cured and cleansed.  As a matter of fact, it is my personal belief that Barry wouldn’t even be in the White House if our ballot box was worth a tinker’s damn. I don’t believe he has ever in his entire life ever won an honest election.  So………..he “won” a second election to the Presidency.  And his enablers still enable him, still cover for him like the compliant sheep they indeed are.  Every one of them is a loser of the first order, and they KNOW it.  This is their way to the winner’s circle, or so they think.  Being leftists, they BELIEVE what the rest of us know, by instinct and by logic, are lies, illegalities, and tyrannical.  It is my personal belief they take great pleasure in the pain being inflicted on most Americans by their sick and totally lousy policies – and that makes them masochists, which I believe they, in fact, are.

These sycophants of Obama have no intention of backing down, of changing to more sensible policies – NOT because they believe they are right, but because they KNOW they are hurting others, others less worthy than them, others who DARE to disagree with them.  These people are sociopaths or darned good pretenders.  There is NOTHING they will not stoop to do, and when the order is given by one of them to burn a city, all of them will be there to throw on another torch, and they will feel no guilt because they are incapable of knowing how “guilt” feels.  If Obama should decide to bomb Miami or Kansas City, it WILL BE DONE.  These are my thoughts, no proof except what I see happening.  But, if I am right, does anyone reading this believe that any decent way we may protest or resist will have any effect whatsoever?  Or any legal way will have any effect whatsoever?  I don’t believe it will.

Before resisting anything, it is a good idea to determine who is doing the resisting, who or what is being resisted, and most importantly, what will be the end results of that resistance.  …and how LONG will it take? 


I think the first two items have been covered here.  But what about the third:  what will be the end results of that resistance?  As long  accepted methods are used, the end results will not be deadly on either side, and will not be effective in any way.  Currently we are using money to fax this person, petition that group, and in my humble opinion, all we are doing is wasting what passes for “good money”.

So, if legal and acceptable ways to fight for the US Constitution accomplish nothing, what do we do?  More of the same that accomplishes more of the same?  Sorta like insanity?  What other ways to object, to resist are available?

I’ve mentioned ignoring the IRS and quit filing income taxes.  I have begun to see that in the light the tyrants would see it – the perfect opportunity for them to own everything that is ours without their having to kill us to get it.
I no longer recommend not filing taxes.  It hurts to say it, but I do believe the left has put us in the position of having to commit crimes in order to protect the US Constitution and our form of government.  They have used America’s good things to put us in this position.  Using America’s good things hasn’t made THEM good.  Would using BAD things make us bad?  What things currently illegal could be used for the good of the nation?  Anything?  Everything?

When I think about resistance, I think violence.  I’ve never in my life given any thought whatsoever to doing any violence beyond slapping someone silly, but I believe the time has come to so SOMETHING that will get the left’s attention, and I don’t think about shooting someone.  That kind of idea is for simpletons.  I think clandestine, but certain facts get in the way.  For instance, huge groups of people could go to DC, and create havoc.  How long do you thing this government would sit still for that?  Bear in mind this is not your Harry Truman Administration.  We could go with AK 47s – what a laugh!  What with the entire fist of a tyrannical government and all its drones, military tanks, missiles, bombs, germs, GUNS, etc.  we would all be dead in a matter of seconds – and THEY would be classed as the good guys, and WE would be classed as the bad guys.  There are limited ways to get evil people’s attention – and it isn’t telegrams, phone calls, blogs.  They are impervious to such things.

I am the first to say that it makes me uncomfortable to come close to even talking about what I think could be, would be criminal acts in the past, the saving of America  as we know and love it.  Would it even be the America of the past?  I am advocating nothing except THINK, PEOPLE, THINK.  And please think quickly because I seriously doubt there is much time left.



  1. I’m going to sit and write my feeling and how I perceive the 2nd amendment as better thinkers than I, have written . Hopefully it will be correct and leave no doubt.

  2. Well Dean. SodaHead finally deactivated me for being too controversial.

    I agree. Resisting the tyrannical government oppression is all we have left. We on the side of the constitutions sound like the hippies of the ’60’s. Now we are the ones fighting the establishment trying to recover the country they have stolen and trampled . Keep fighting.

    1. In a way, that’s good news; I’ve been feeling that SH is quite useless to the cause of resistance. A couple of days back some programming changes rendered SH dysfunctional for some hours. Now this morning something else is glitched on SH and I couldn’t neither save a comment nor open a new tab.

      Meanwhile, I’ve fighting my own battles here with intruders on No-Ruler, where the usual flow of comments just plain stopped. This, your comment, is the first to show up in weeks! Seems a good sign! So I truly hope you’ll become active here — we have much to do!

      1. I, too, hope kronan will write some here. I know I intend to get back in harness and do more here. Better to be doing something when they come to carry me off to the ovens than to be sitting on my keister doing nothing, huh?

      2. I was a little too vocal about queers getting married and adopting children. Some people have skins as skin as a condom. No maturity at all . Bunch of whiny children. I always wondered how someone can ask a question and not expect strong opinions.

    2. Happy to see you here, kronan_1! So SH kicked you out, huh? Well, I got perturbed with them and I deactivated myself – and they take it seriously – won’t let me back in, so I’m doing my thing here at Striker’s site and at http://www.onepoliticalplaza. No, NOW is NOT the time for any of us to stop writing, discussing, suggesting, harranguing. If anything we should kick up even more dust than we are doing.

      Is anything we are doing going to make a difference at all? Actually, I hate to say it, but I don’t believe it is. I believe that unless something drastic happens, we will be living under a dictatorship within months from now. But I’ll be darned if I’ll let ’em do their damage in absolute peace!!

      Hope you will visit again. I don’t write here too much, but Striker is always busy at it – and he puts out some pretty decent stuff as you already know. Caio!

      1. I’ll have to check that other site and see what they have to offer.

  3. So Glad to see that you actually made it here! There is much within this post which deserves some deep discussion. I’ve been trying for days to move discussion here rather than tilting the windmills at Sodahead!

    Even if nothing else, this comment indicates that our headaches with registration and login are past. We know you were one of many who were affected, so thanks for hanging in here!

  4. I agree!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Jesse. I’m sorry I’ve not been around for some while. Have had some minor medical stuff going on, and have been getting adjusted to another blog site, but I wrote this item in all sincerity, and if you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

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