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Exploitative: Controllers or Freemen?

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Poster’s comment to me:

See, this is why I will never understand you; conservatives like you have consistently made mountains out of molehills and insist that somehow liberals are to blame for all of society’s ills and evils. It’s the conservatives like you that own most of the wealth in this country on their own greed and the exploitation of others; the conservatives like you who want small government until something happens where they demand government assistance; it’s the conservatives like you that seem to continue to have blinders on to everything that their party has been responsible for, but then work to grind government to a halt when something they see as being a partisan win can be gained.

So my reply:  I know I am stepping in a cowpie by honestly answering you. As I write it, I know I am making a BIG mistake in that I don’t think your question is asked in any way other than to have issues to fight about. But the knowledge that I may luck out and actually introduce the left to some facts, I will respond this one time against my better judgement.

Because the meanings of the words “democrat, republican, liberal, progressive, collectivist, neocon, marxist, facsist, collectivist, socialist, communist, etc have become so meaningless in reality, I will,for the purposes of this column,  substitute the word “progressive” with “controller(s)” and the word “conservative” with “freemen(freeman)”

Caveat: there are intelligent conservatives and there are OTT (over the top) conservatives – same is true of non-conservatives.

1. Intelligent freemen do not make mountains out of molehills. If an intelligent freeman is “making a mountain”, you can bet your sweet bippy there is something to be yelled about. I assume that you merely THINK he is yelling about a molehill because your thought processes are different than his. You see the same facts and perceive them differently. Both sides “know” they are right, but, of course that cannot be. Ergo, a bit of knowledge and a lot of logic are required to understand who is the more likely correct in his assessment. It has been my experience that controllers just don’t “do” logic. Most of them can hear a speech and take from it the most bizarre interpretations I can imagine. Obama’s speech about “fundamentally changing America” should have evoked the logical “in what way?” question. That would the be the freeman’s question, and was. No controller even thought this comment NEEDED a question because they loved Obama (if one can love someone based on a speech), they WANTED change, he promised change, and that was good enough for controllers – he was “one of them”.

OTOH, when people start talking about changing the country, freemen’s ears stand at attention because change can go more ways than one – change can be good, can be bad.The words, “FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE” should have had EVERY American’s ears at the alert. MOST Americans did not and DO not want FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE. All most Americans want is NEEDED change. And there is a lot that needs changing – but NOT fundamental change. Freemen want the America that is honorable, polite, moral, honest, ethical, kind, polite, decent, independent, brave,with individual freedoms as abundant as possible while still maintaining the other traits I just mentioned. No Freeman wants to live in the Dark Ages – BUT, most freemen would rather live in the Dark Ages than in the “enlightened age” of slavery, which is what every policy the controllers propose embraces. It isn’t called slavery, but that’s exactly what government dictating every move of individuals ACTUALLY IS. When a freeman wants a change of certain things, he tries to convince others that this is what we should have. When he is denied, he lives with it. When a controller wants certain things, he may try to convince others to go along with him – but when they refuse, he then gets a law passed that FORCES others to go along with him – this is called loss of freedom. There was a time I could ride a bike without a helmet and feel the wind in my hair. No more. There was a time I could select any toilet I wanted. No more. There was a time I could fly commercial and maintain my privacy. No more. There was a time I could go to church without being ridiculed. No more. There was a time when Christmas was a holiday enjoyed by all. No more. There was a time we could step out on any street in America and know we would not be gunned down by drug dealers. No more.

Freemen mostly live by a philosophy – they live by it and they vote by it: honesty, integrity, freedom, decency, independence, and guts. I’m not sure what drives controllers, but I know it isn’t those things. My personal thinking is that they are driven by power, dependence, lies, and gall. I respect NONE of those things.

2. Are controllers responsible for most of the country’s ills, or is that mere hyperbole? Who ALWAYS claims to be “for the little man”? Controllers. Who actually tries to help the “little man” get ahead by showing him the way to escape the bind he is in? Freemen. What controllers want to do is put him on welfare (easier to control him that way), send him to a class (it doesn’t matter if it is a class he needs or if the teacher is any good), but the controller then demands, by law, that freemen HELP enslave this person by paying for the controllers’ demands re helping this person. Once all of that is done, the victim is NOT helped, but the controllers feel good about themselves for forcing him to go on welfare, take a class he didn’t profit from, and they forced the freemen to pay for the dog and pony show. Time to slap themselves on the back for being so generous and helpful. This seems to be the philosophy of controllers. The entire dog and pony show is solely for the good feelings of the controllers, when in fact they should be feeling shame for putting this victim in the position of NEVER being able to escape his bonds.

 “It’s the conservatives like you that own most of the wealth in this country on their own greed and the exploitation of others;” Yes, the time-worn mantra of the controllers who are jealous of everyone who has made more money than the jealous one.


Rank – Name – Net Worth – Age – Residence

1 Bill Gates $54 B 55 Medina, WA Microsoft
2 Warren Buffett $45 B 80 Omaha, NE Berkshire Hathaway
3 Larry Ellison $27 B 66 Woodside, CA Oracle
4 Christy Walton & family $24 B 56 Jackson, WY Walmart
5 Charles Koch $21.5 B 75 Wichita, KS Diversified
5 David Koch $21.5 B 70 New York , NY Diversified
7 Jim Walton $20.1 B 63 Bentonville, AR Walmart
8 Alice Walton $20 B 61 Fort Worth, TX Walmart
9 S. Robson Walton $19.7 B 67 Bentonville, AR Walmart
10 Michael Bloomberg $18 B 69 New York , NY Bloomberg
11 Larry Page $15 B 37 Palo Alto, CA Google
11 Sergey Brin $15 B 37 San Francisco, CA Google
13 Sheldon Adelson $14.7 B 77 Las Vegas, NV casinos
14 George Soros $14.2 B 80 Westchester, NY hedge funds
15 Michael Dell $14 B 46 Austin, TX Dell
16 Steve Ballmer $13.1 B 54 Seattle, WA Microsoft
17 Paul Allen $12.7 B 58 Mercer Island, WA Microsoft, investments
18 Jeff Bezos $12.6 B 47 Seattle, WA Amazon
19 Anne Cox Chambers $12.5 B 91 Atlanta, GA Cox Enterprises
20 John Paulson $12.4 B 55 New York, NY hedge funds

Of the top 20 richest Americans’ political donations,
7 donated solely to democrats (Numbers 1,2,3,11,14,18,19)
7 donated solely to republicans(Numbers 5,6,7,8,9,13,15)
4 donated to democrats and republicans (Numbers 4,16,17,20)
1 donated to democrats, republicans and independents
1 donated to no political party.

Let’s discuss your use of “greed and exploitation”.

I grew up on a cotton farm with a loving and attentive fully functional and independent dirt poor family. Why do I tolerate the wealthy? Why don’t I see them as greedy and self-serving? BECAUSE IT IS BASICALLY UNTRUE. It has been my privilege to actually KNOW a few wealthy people who made it on their own. They did so by taking risks, researching that which was needed, using common sense, knowing how much effort and money were needed, and sticking to a budget that worked for them. The money they earned is theirs, they didn’t steal it;  and no matter how they gained that wealth, the fact remains that it is RIGHTFULLY theirs, NOT yours, NOT mine. Since it is their money, they can do with it what they please as long as they are not directly harming anyone – and that includes leaving it to heirs to do with what they please. The difference is that you would, if at all possible, take all of their wealth and claim it as your and your comrade’s own – THAT is worse than any GREED you tag others with. Greed in itself is not a dirty word……total removal of greed would STOP innovations, inventions, all sorts of good things. Only when greed is used in an exploitative manner a selfish, self-centered way (such as most politicians use it) is it bad.  Exploit? I assume you use the word as defined thusly: to use selfishly for one’s own ends. So that is how I, too will use it, although there are other definitions that are not so “exploitative”. I call controllers’ policy and philosophy as highly EXPLOITATIVE of other citizens. When the public is anti-some policy, the controllers write a law legalizing the issue. For instance, the public by a large margin did NOT favor Obamacare because we KNEW what the results would be, and we weren’t wrong. It was bulled through without allowing opposing viewpoints in Congress to be heard. Freemen, about half the country, is being exploited by the Controllers’ constituency. Most of the public is greatly opposed to laws which infringe on the 2nd Amendment – but the Controllers WILL pass as many laws as possible infringing upon it, AND the current President will EO even more which exploit a good 85% of America. I’ve never heard a single conservative complain that we are being exploited, though we obviously ARE. We are more prone to deal with facts, which are that both bills are unconstitutional in fact, regardless what fantasy the SCOTUS may bring itself to actually rule on. Time to quit using the term “EXPLOITED” because the ones using it don’t use it honestly. They use it only for argumentative purposes, which is EXPLOITATIVE.

Every American should try, at least once, to feel they are independent instead of exploited. You might be surprised at the freedom it gives you.

Freemen only want to “grind government to a halt”.

Of course! I am certainly a freeman who wants it to come to a halt. It has done far too much damage already. The nation cannot handle much more. The only time we freemen are safe from the illegal legislation and EXPLOITATION by crooked politicians is when the Congress is out of session. What person in his right mind wants to sit quietly and be exploited out of his life’s earnings???  What person in his right mind wants to sit quietly and be exploited out of all bits of his limited freedoms by a bunch of goons who don’t care about nor understand what freedom is?  Those goons care ONLY about themselves and staying in office for the goodies they exploit from the American taxpayer day in and day out.  Those goons, the controllers consist of both Democrats and Republicans – all desiring to stay in office at any and all costs and all defying the US Constitution.  There are precious few freemen in the US Congress, and virtually none in SCOTUS.

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