No Government, No Force

Old America or New America?


If America were just beginning to establish itself in today’s world, what should it look like? What should be its goals? What limitations would be placed on its citizens? What form of “government” should it have? Would it choose to have NO government? Would it choose to tax its citizens? Would it be productive? Or would it be slothful? Would it be compassionate in a helpful sense, or compassionate in a harmful sense? What would its schools look like?

Have you had the thought that if you COULD, you would make this change or that change? Has it ever occurred to you that it would ever actually happen?

I believe we CAN make changes if we are determined to, and there is a way to do it without depriving any citizen of any of his beliefs or benefits. We MUST start with the idea that we will not accept failure.

No single politician can change our government back to what it is supposed to be. In order to have it the first time a lot of blood had to be shed, and it looks like it could happen again. None of us want that. And that our elected officials have produced the atmosphere that one even thinks of bloodshed as an answer, is a disgusting fact. So ………… can we ever actually get our country back without bloodshed? I believe we can, if allowed by our controllers (our elected  “officials” and our unelected czars, directors, chiefs, and numerous other dictators within our government).  

There is bound to be someone out there in our nation who could lead us to form a “new country” to simply replace what we have now. Surely there is a way to have a “NEW AMERICA” and simply ignore the current country which has become unrecognizable to most of us.

We taxpayers PAY for this crime and corruption.   PUT A STOP TO IT, or carry the responsibility of it.

Our “New America” could operate the way it wants to. The current America could operate the way it wants to. Each country could do as it pleased. If necessary, we could share the land. Old America could have its children brainwashed if it chooses that. New America could educate its children to be able to make it in a world such as this one has evolved into. Old America could not in any way “touch” New America’s citizens. And New America couldn’t “touch” Old America. New America could be as religious as it chooses, Old America could have its naked gay parades. New America could have all the guns it wanted. Old America could provide food and housing for all its citizens who don’t want to work. The only things shared would have to be that both sides would make murder, theft, rape, child abuse, and arson illegal. Everyone in America would have the choice of which America he was a citizen of.

I admit this is not thoroughly thought out and possibly not workable. Others should be willing to admit that what we currently have is not workable either – it it were, surely it would work. Is there someone out there who can help and will help refine such an idea? Is there anyone willing to help me in such an endeavor? Both those on the right and those on the left are urged to give input. I have no interest in criticism unless it is coupled with another possible solution. I happen to believe that ANYTHING is possible. Defeat is a dirty word in my philosophy. Defeat is defeat ONLY when one accepts defeat.



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  2. Okay, one way of getting to split off “Old” and “New” would be secession, with the “New America” adopting a totally new Constitution which allow FedGov NO power over the States, Counties, Cities or the sovereign People. A new Union for New America would be formed, limiting FedGov to only whatever is seen “necessary” to conduct the national affairs of New America, e.g. treaties and national defense. In the beginning each State would run it’s own affairs, and manage/forward whatever donations the People individually opted to make toward the continuance of NewAmerica’s FedGov. In other worse, strictly voluntary. New America’s Constitution might be along these lines:

    If we can get some folks to jump into this water and participate, we might be able to accomplish much right here. At the moment tho, it seems that lethargy prevails!

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