No Government, No Force

Movement to Dissolve Government

This article is triggered by a post by Mychal Massie entitled “We Need a Movement” which begins with:

In the course of our current human events, it has become necessary not to simply remind people why we must dissolve the political bands that connect us to the Obama federal government but to publish and declare our intent to do so.

His word “movement” grabbed my attention, as a movement seems sorely needed but so clearly absent.

FTA: “…all connection between the Obama federal government is and ought to be totally dissolved…

I would restate that a bit differently: “all connection between the XXXXXX federal government is [AND THE PEOPLE] ought to be totally dissolved.

Because the populace of this planet has already effected the creation of “Nations” with governments designed to make wars and oppress people, some sort of national entity is probably necessary… For Defense ONLY, but absolutely NOT for controlling its people. We already have a hierarchy of FIVE levels of GOVERNment, from towns to the UN, all of those with various powers of Force, to steal from the citizenry and pay themselves to make and enForce “Laws”.

Societies on Planet Earth evolved in different places, all rather unique in geography and climate, and all with disparities of race, religion, and language. As the populations grew, they naturally expanded, and when one group finally bumped into another, communication was too difficult, thus the territorial nature of humans arose.

Barons and kings and emperors and all manner of tyrants evolved, and all oppressed and sacrificed their Subjects, both their lives and their production to the benefit of the Rulers. Eventually the people came to reject the tyranny, only to see the cycle repeated. At some point long ago, such forms of Rulership gave way to allowing the people to vote on some matters, and we came to have constitutions which formed governments. While surely the Subjects felt “free”, they were not. Governments were always handed the power of Force, so while the Subjects could now vote, it was only to elect their Rulers, who were empowered to make any and all decisions about virtually anything.

This came to be known as “democracy”. I suppose it was Plato who tinkered with this concept and came up with “republic”, but the Force remained. So we arrive at today, the Subject continue to be Ruled, the “way” has become Marxism, and we finally begin talking about a “Movement”?

Thus we now present this post, in hopes that some real thinkers will appear.

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