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Stockman moving to Impeach?

wcj2 Stockman moving to Impeach?

impeachmentondrudge Stockman moving to Impeach?

Dear Patriot,If Barack Obama so much as touches your gun rights, I’m willing to impeach him.

Unable to pass gun control in Congress, Barack Obama is about to issue “executive orders” imposing radical gun control measures on law-abiding Americans.

This is a declaration of war on gunowners.

Among the proposed orders are presidential decrees dictating that your guns must be tracked and reported to the government.

Under Obama’s dictated orders if you give your son his first .22, and it’s not reported to the government, you may become an outlaw.

Obama is even considering entirely outlawing the private sale or transfer of guns. You can’t even give your son his first hunting rifle.

No vote of Congress. No public input whatsoever. Just a royal decree from one man negating a constitutional right.

That’s why I am fighting back and trying to stop him.

I’m Congressman Steve Stockman.

And I NEVER compromise or back down when your gun rights are in danger.

I’m fighting to overturn any executive orders, defund any effort to enforce them and even deeply cut the White House’s funding to send a message to Barack Obama.

No gun control. No compromise.

And if that doesn’t stop him I’m even willing to file articles of impeachment.

That’s right.


The very survival of our constitutional republic is in danger.

If the President can unilaterally suspend constitutional rights, and we don’t fight back with every legislative weapon we have, you and I will have failed this republic.

That is why I need to hear from you right now.

The radical gun-grabbers are assaulting me from all sides.

They’re recruiting a candidate to run against me, both in the Republican primary and in the general election.

They will stop at nothing to remove me from Congress.

I must fight back, as well as fight to build support for my measures to overturn and defund any executive order Obama may issue.

[money blah blah]

If they defeat me, or if they can stop me from building a national effort to overturn Obama orders – or possibly impeach him – our constitutional republic will die on Obama’s orders.

So please take just a second to help me defeat Obama and save our gun rights from the most serious threat they’ve faced since King George III.

[money blah blah]

Help me stop Obama, even if it means I have to file articles of impeachment.

Warmest wishes,

Congressman Steve Stockman

P.S. Barack Obama is about to issue executive orders that could force you to report your guns to the government, or even entirely outlaw the private sale or transfer of your guns.

I am prepared to fight back and stop him, even if it means filing articles of impeachment. That’s why Obama has marked me for defeat and is trying to stop me from building national support.

This is the most serious threat the Second Amendment has ever faced. Help me build a national network to stop Obama, even if it means impeaching him, by [money blah blah]



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This came via email from Western Journalist, but sheez, without a link for a browser, so…
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[It ended with yet again a lengthy pitch for $$, which just peed me off, so I cut off that part off. It seems that Congress is headed in the totally wrong direction. Getting Obama the hell out of our WhiteHouse? Oh dear!]

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