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Senate votes to avoid ‘fiscal cliff’

America has been piling on the debt for at least a century. The $16.4 trillion of today is only a fraction of the real problem. Rather than type a book here this morning, I’ll refer all to with particular reference to the numbers on the bottom line for
“US Unfunded Liabilities” ($122+ trillion) and
“Liability per Taxpayer” ($1.08+ million). Both rising as you watch.
If one bookmarks only one website, this should be the one.

We cannot “avoid” the fiscal cliff, and there are not enough bulldozers in America, or indeed on this entire planet, to tear it down.

We the people did not do this. Our governments and politicians did this, and merely passes the bill on to the people as a “claim” that WE are supposed to pay! Did any reader here ever sign for there “fair share” or any part of this? Nope.

Are we going to DO anything about this? Obviously not, as 98% of the last vote went to either of two collectivists, and only about 1% to Liberty. So we will just sit back and wait for the dominoes of global collapse to continue toppling. All we don’t know is just when Amerika’s turn will arrive.



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