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New Declaration of Independence?

This began as a comment to a [private] group post to Sodahead, sourced at?

I too [mostly] like Alex Jones, altho I don’t like his interviewing when he brings on guests but cannot seem to back off center-stage.? His videos drone on ad nauseum; happily this one had the text so skipped the video. That said, Alex is most always on a right track.

In particular, our Declaration of Independence is grand. Unfortunately Jefferson was not part of the Constitutional Convention, and the essence of the DOI was omitted. Thus the new Constitution gave the new FedGov the powers of Force over both the States and over the Individuals. Therefore over the past 234 years America has stood by and watched the Constitution ripped apart piece by piece, under one President after another, until finally the alien Obama just threw the remnants into the shredder and is now completing the transition of Amerika to marxism.

We dare not call a Constitutional Convention because we now see the majority of so-called Americans accepting socialism etc, with the Dem-Rep monopoly wholly in power until in 2008 all the fields were planted with the seeds of Marx’s “greater good”, shunting aside our esteemed Right to Life. Do we call it communism or Obamunism – what’s the difference? Whatever we call it, in truth Amerika has lost it’s foundation of moral principle, such that clearly there is no longer returning to those good old days of Liberty by our constantly griping about intrusions ad infinitum, struggling in vain to stop one seemingly trivial piece of tyranny after another.

So finally we return to the subject of secession or Alex’s pitch for another Declaration of Independence, which sounds good to me, BUT what to do and how to actually GET there!

Here’s The Deal: America the Nation came to exist as the result of that fine Declaration of Independence in 1776, and then Revolution which followed. Finally at a Constitutional Convention of 56 men a new Constitution evolved, which was best ever, but obviously showing the aberrations common to all compromises by committee. Women and blacks were excluded so there was no true “majority”, yet ratification came from the several States, and the new Constitution became effective 4 March 1789, and supposedly applied to all the People despite that over half those people could not have consented. Never after has any citizen directly consented to any of all the “laws”, wars and debt. They have only “The Vote”, and are forced to accept without signature the Rule of the majority’s politicians. Now how is that a “legal and binding” Contract? It isn’t.

So here we are today, *thinking* “whatever shall we do?” while playing by the Rules of Others. Does anyone see something amiss here ?

So whatever we do, dissolution or secession, requires ignoring “the law”. We’ll always be battling the leftist “majority”, and never forget that all reside in one state or another, so even after shutting down FedGov, the same issues will exist within. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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