No Government, No Force

What Is Wrong with Us?

The words below have numerous dictionary definitions, but I’ve chosen those I’d appreciate readers discussing and comparing, please. dictionary What Is Wrong with Us?

1. exempt from external authority, interference, restriction, etc., as a person or one’s will, thought, choice, action, etc.; independent; unrestricted.

2. enjoying political autonomy, as a people or country not under foreign rule; independent.

1. control, government, or dominion: under the rule of a dictator.
2. a principle or regulation governing conduct, action, procedure, arrangement, etc.

Governed: 1. to rule over by right of authority: to govern a nation.


1. acting to control, suppress, or restrain
2. subjecting people, a society, etc, to a state of subjugation

Controlled: 1) to exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command.


1. a person exercising absolute power, especially a ruler who has absolute, unrestricted control in a government without hereditary succession.
2. (in ancient Rome) a person invested with supreme authority during a crisis, the regular magistracy being subordinated to him until the crisis was met.

We have been taught we are free. I agree we have always had a certain degree of freedom. We don’t have total freedom and never have had total freedom. The experts like to say that total freedom is chaotic anarchy. Bear in mind the experts say a LOT OF THINGS THAT ARE NOT TRUE.

Some of us want as much total freedom as it is possible to have. I believe all of us want a few laws that help prevent chaos and total anarchy, such as laws against murder, child molestation, rape, theft, etc.
Do you believe we really do need 3000 pounds of federal laws, goodness knows how many state laws, county laws and city ordinances? Are we THAT un-evolved? Have we really progressed in our evolution so much more slowly than have 4 legged animals who can take care of themselves in the absence of humans. Are we, or are we not, more capable of taking care of ourselves since we are blessed with both thumbs and brains that can reason? Do we sincerely NEED “government” in order to survive as a species? Or, do we simply have governments that have run amok, become self indulged and careless? If we do NOT need government, especially when it is corrupt and reckless, why do we continue to maintain one in high style while we can barely afford to put food on our own tables while putting lobster in the mouths of those who work for us and who write laws for us to OBEY, BUT THAT THEY SEEM TO BE EXEMPT FROM?

Many people who post online cite the enemy of America as “big business”, “corporations”, “lobbyists”, or “bankers” – and in doing so they are dividing us because we don’t all agree with every one of those groups. Why is it so difficult for so many erstwhile intelligent people to understand that NONE of these entities is a danger to Americans WITHOUT OUR GOVERNMENT’S BLESSINGS allowing them to do what they do? We have, in my view, FAR more government than we need. We have a government that is strangling us, and it seems not to notice OR care. We chastise and punish those who are producing while at the same time coddling criminals, corrupt elected officials, and other people who only drain society without doing a single thing positive for our people and our nation. What is WRONG with us? SOMETHING CERTAINLY IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE WHO PUT UP WITH THAT!!!

I see us as once having a once representative government that no longer represents us.
I see us as once having a proud and productive government that no longer produces anything but pain and anger and absolute corruption.
I see us as citizens who once took pride in our accomplishments and were rewarded by praise and thanksgiving – but who are now denigrated, chastised and hated by those who are jealous and by the politicians who can benefit by denigrating them.
I see the USA as a grand, amazing, fantastic land that has “citizens” who no longer deserve such a grand nation and as a result have destroyed it, and politicians who no longer serve it, but who use it essentially the same ways they use prostitutes – solely for their own sick pleasures.
Our government tries and imprisons soldiers who desert their duties. Why cannot we citizens imprison our government when it deserts us whom it supposedly represents?

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  1. I agree with you whole-heartedly, Mac, but we have to convince the sheep because THEY are the ones who elected Obama. All who agree with you and me already didn’t vote for him. How do we scale that wall? My thinking is that every one of us on election days, have to pick up and carry to the polls as many people as we can find who could vote for the TEA Party candidates. That’s what the democrats religiously do EVERY election. We need to do the same. The democrats for decades have been trying to take over our country, and we “innocent” republicans were merely content to live within the Constitution and assume that all was well. We now know that is NOT enough. We have to become more active – and for some of us that won’t be very easy.

  2. Americans are becoming Fat, lazy , and (Gasp) older! Most just want to be left alone and live in their own little bubble. We have never seen a president like the one we have now who is willing to trash all of us and the U.S. for a reason we will probably never know. Because he is a habitual liar we don’t know who he is, where he came from, what he studied in school, what his real name is, what his real social Security number is (he has several). He has successfully installed his people in the Supreme court, E.P.A. , F.T.C., Justice Dept., I.R.S., military, health care and just about every other government office there is. and some non-government businesses. Our schools did a very good job with all the radical teachers that are in schools as teachers. America used to be mainly Black and white and a few Indians. Now it is Black, White, Indians, Muslims, Mexican, Vietnam, Cuban, Japanese, all with different religions and cultures and different values. It will be almost impossible to get all these people together as one group thinking one way for the same cause. We are screwed because we are the country who always lent a helping hand to other countries and their people. It took only 3% of the people voting to elect a president on his many promises which were lies almost as bad as getting the 21 virgins in heaven the Koran promises. We need to get together and vote the few people like Cruze, Paul, Gowdy, to name a few, and take our government back over A.S.A.P. We need to look at who are moral, honest, and religious based on their backgrounds , not their promises.

    1. When Vote2012 saw 98% voting for one or t’other collectivist of the Dem-Rep Monopoly and only 1% voting for Liberty, it became real clear that voting holds no answers!

  3. I’m not putting much faith in the republican party but I see very little else to at least slow this madness down.

    1. The bottom is dropping out of our economy – there will come a time, the experts say SOON, when we will be in heap big trouble. Once money is no longer usable, there’s no reason to expect our government to stay in place. When it disappears, we will have a chance. We could do it right now, legally and peacefully, if we had ANYONE OR SEVERAL SOMEONES from the Progressive Party in Congress who would defect and join us in trying to save this nation, but it seems they are hellbent on destroying it as thoroughly as possible.

      We have friends who totally agree with us, but wouldn’t say a thing out loud in public about it, who refuse to get involved. We sent that note from No-Ruler to everyone in our address books, and as of last night, I think maybe 3 had answered the call. Most have ignored it so far.

    2. Virtually the entire political system has become collectivist force. Is there really any way of slowing down the rush to disaster? It’s not only the American government, but all governments around the globe. Always they Fail, yet the brainwashed human species merely replaces one Ruler and one GOVERNment with some other, and the beat goes on.

      Either we get rid of that syndrome, or extinction will be our “salvation”.

  4. I fully believe we’re headed down the same road as the Romans went, with greed and corruption leading the way. Lies are accepted while the truth is ignored. The day Clinton was let off I said we’re screwed, if this is ok what’s next. Other than that one thing government seemed to be somewhat balanced. Now the media covers any and all lies by democrats which is leading this nation down the wrong path.

    1. I think you are very right. Right is wrong. Truth is a lie. Good is bad. Bad is good. Unless the Republicans step up to the plate and force-feed some facts and make them stick on a few Democrats’ heads, our nation is lost.

  5. It appears this great post has been largely ignored, so I’m sending it around again.

    It would be so grand to get some discussion commenting rolling here!

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