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Video: Gary Johnson in Phoenix

America is in deep, deep trouble, yet the Dem-RINO monopoly give us nothing but to Zero’s and more-of-the-same for Vote2012.? That won’t get America out of trouble, they will only make it worse.? The RINO Party has kicked Ron Paul under the bus, and he ought to have already returned to the Libertarian Party and have the courage of his convictions — WHERE the hell IS he?

Libertarian Gary Johnson, the outstanding 2-term Governor of New Mexico, is my choice and our last hope.? This will become a SERIOUS 3-way race, meaning the winner may need only as little as 34% to become President to replace Obama the Pseudo-Prez, IOW the ineligible alien non-citizen — the president who never was, and the marxist who is destroying all Principle and the American way of Life and Liberty.

To our members and subscribers:?? The survival of America is at state, NOW!? Until Vote2012, we intend to devote No-Ruler to supporting Gary Johnson and other candidates for Congress to replace the sorry tyranny of D.C.? Your comments will help shape our focus, and your sharing with friends and other websites/bloggers is crucial.

So thanks for your help!? Dean Striker



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