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Fix your URL-Links and More

First, has been replaced, no longer including that dratted dash “-“.

So now the proper entry doorway and/or bookmark is and/or any other page you can reach from our root URL.

No more
No more followed by anything “member
We have no user named “Admin“, so all who are trying that can
only be hackers or plain idiots – WE KNOW who you are!

Sorry, but you were re-directed here for reason.   This website has been under hacker-attack for about 4 months now, so you may be part of the cleanup.   Therefore I have found it absolutely necessary to put a stop to all this, and the only half-way efficient way of doing that is by Blocking such visitors.

If you landed here you may be part of the cause, because of login fraud or errors, or even using links to folders which have been long changed.  It could be that you need to remove your bad bookmark?
I can’t really tell you here which it might be. 

Legitimate present Users and new Registrants are most welcome here.  If you happen to be a legitimate registered user running into problems with such things, leave a reply comment, or send me an eMail,  and I’ll help you fix it, usually same-day. 

These words to the wise must suffice.  We  concede that some of these changes can be blamed on the changes I’ve felt necessary for our website.  We have much work ahead here, and these nuisances have wasted way to much of everyone’s time, so get it right, so PLEASE Fix your Links!

Thank you, Dean Striker

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