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Collectivism, aka Hurting Yourself

Loud and Clear, America’s Declaration of Independence asserts the people’s Right to Life, Liberty and Happiness. I like to believe that most Americans treasure those principles. It’s unfortunate that these hallowed words are not the essence of the Constitution which ensued.

It’s very unsettling to see the acceleration of the century-long efforts toward trashing these as America’s root principles. The push for collectivism, which includes socialism, marxism, fascism, communism, and progressivism, is the antithesis of the American Way. The problem with this bundle of tyranny lies in the fact that none of their objectives can be accomplished except by using government to Force. and thereby impose collectivist schemes upon the people.

What is this Force we keep talking about? We are talking about the force of laws which refute the very principle of the Right to Life — the right of each and every person on this earth. This force uses first taxation, which is theft from the citizens whose money has been taken/taxes without their consent, to “create” new laws and regulations, and then to fund, implement, and force compliance with this new Law. That new law may be any schemes thought by someone else as serving any seemingly good objective, but which is not seen as good by the taxpayer. The process is called redistribution, which takes money from some and gives the money to others. As we continue, please keep in mind that this redistribution process is always structured to make government look like the good guy using your money!

Please cease and desist the Force — for you are working against your own lives, and equally against the lives of not only your loved ones, but also of those you purport to be trying to help. How can you do this and expect America to continue?

Do you not treasure your primary natural right — the Right to Life? If you cannot continue to live, will you be able to help anyone else? Of course not!

Your Right to Life requires sustenance, food & water, clothing & shelter. We sustain our lives by the efforts of working, whether with a plow or with our minds. Therefore the fruits of your labor are necessary to sustain your life. So, will you allow anyone to take your sustenance from you and die? If you’re able to read this, you have never been willing to sacrifice to such extent. So would you now? Will you be able to help your family and friends, or the “needy” if you cannot sustain your own life and there die? Of course not.

So lets move to the next step. To help sustain, and enhance your life, you will need tools, at least a stick, or better a hoe, or better still a plow. Eventually tools allow you to rise beyond the essentials of production. Tools enable you to produce an excess which can be exchanged, e.g. corn to the cobbler who is more expert at making shoes.

These excesses are also called “profit”, which rational people desire for themselves. Even irrational people tolerate “profit” whenever it makes their lives a little better, but otherwise oppose profits. Silly These excesses/profits increase well-being, and hopefully increase happiness. The process of profits naturally expands to capitalism. Capitalism is not a terrifying word. It’s merely people profiting from the use of their efforts, and from reinvestment of whatever “excess” wealth might have been gained as life goes on. But you don’t like capitalism?

Will you forgo the pleasures and benefits of finally being able to have a car, a tv, a bathroom, dishes and silverware, toilet paper, a computer, or whatever other widgets enhance your life? Of course not!

But then, oh my, somebody sees Opportunity in grabbing these profits, and creates a government, supported by forcing the producer to pay tax on profits. Someone saw a great opportunity to live on the backs of others the backs without having to do real work, and to run their lives as a bonus!

Can government really somehow compete to produce tools, increase production and cause growth to somehow increase without stealing your money? Of course not! If they do so interfere, Profits will be reduced by exactly the amount of tax stolen for the sustenance and further welfare of the new rulers. Well, not exactly, let’s not forget postage and handling, accounting, and legal advice, and insurance, interest and penalties.

Okay, might you now agree at least about the Right to Life and the Right to sustain that life? We haven’t even touched Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, but for now we’ll leave those for your contemplation.

America, as the last bastion of Freedom in this world, cannot survive on it’s current path. Collectivist Force cannot avoid causing continuing economic collapse into the abyss of bankruptcy. This can only bring Americans to see the end of the Land of the Free, which is happening right now as you read this. Perhaps it will even bring the world to to see the end of humanity as governments seek more power and quarrel over the spoils via nuclear war.

You are supporting the Force of Collectivism over your Right to Life? Why would you do that?

Unless America puts on the brakes and shifts back into Freedom gear, secession or revolt seems inevitable. That will not be pretty. Is that really what you want? The only other alternative I see is a shift to Voluntary ‘non-government’, or Voluntary Associations, which would allow both left and right to support their own ideals, without Force, without Blood, and without War. We will have to work out many details, but isn’t that much easier than facing the alternatives?

Please, try to understand how Force only hurts yourself, your friends, and your country.

The website clearly understands the difference, as do so many others. I personally have devoted the rest of my life to furthering the understanding and furthering the morality of true Liberty. Human intelligence is not looking very smart these days. My website efforts are dedicated to enhancing the spirit and potential of humanity. I continue to learn, right along with my readers!

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Dean Striker

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