No Government, No Force


Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.” ? Thomas Jefferson, the Declaration of Independence

I am writing about this because upon several occasions when I’ve commented about a problem that Congress has caused, I’ve been called down on it.? “No, it is the people’s fault”.? “The people voted these people into office so it is the people’s fault that government is corrupt.”? That’s what people I believe are conservative say.? Progressives say, “so what, everybody does it?? You only get mad when OUR guy does it.”

I am no different from any other conservative who feel our government must be honorable, honest, have enormous integrity, and judicious in its decisions.? Every conservative I know works toward those ends – always have.? We vote that way.? We teach our children that way.? We counsel our friends that way.? We make decisions that way.? We live by that code.

I happen to be a person who is not in love with the best of governments, I deplore rotten ones,? and I do not claim ownership over a bunch of corrupt bullies with guns and enforcers to made their demands sinister.? However, I live in a great country with a history of a good deal of freedoms, so I’ve paid my taxes regularly and completely – for 50 years I paid without a complaint.? Now I do complain with no plans to stop complaining because “MY GOVERNMENT” won’t do the things it should and instead punishes me for doing my planning ahead, not getting pregnant out of wedlock, not requiring a welfare check, not needing food stamps, not having to be on medicaid, being able to pay my dentist and all my bills in full every month.? I even vote legally and I never miss an election, and when I vote I at least know as much as I can about the candidates.

But NEVER, and I stress that word, NEVER has my involvement had a single effect on “MY GOVERNMENT” officials.? I’m a big gal, but a mere spot of dust in politicians’ eyes,? another sucker to be plucked to accomplish that politician’s needs and desires.? When I ask the question, “What more can we possibly do to get DC to hear us?”, I am told I can vote.? Duh!!!!? Of course I can vote – and my vote carries as much authority as does every one else’s – NONE.

That brings me to the ballot box.? According to most Americans the ballot box assures us that WE are in charge.? What makes people say that?? Habit?? No real answer?? Knowing full well that our politicians are corrupt as are the people who work for them and pick up their messes,? I really wish someone would explain in detail exactly how MY voting alters anything when everyone knows it may be offset by 100 illegal votes…..or 10,000 illegal votes.?? And when every legal vote is counted, does everyone assume the count has been legal?? People who count every cent of change for a $1 bill TRUST the count in any election for people who will dictate to us their entire time in service.? This reminds me of insanity more than it does a Constitutional government.


Alec Bruce of the Atlantic Business Magazine of Canada recently wrote this:
“A democracy whose government preys on the fears of the majority as readily as it embraces its own narrow interests is no democracy at all; it is, by ambition and practice, an elected oligarchy. And over the years, Canada has come closer to that which its traditions and civic sensibilities once utterly despised: a nation ruled by smug, self-satisfied cohorts whose coarse manipulation of facts and rational argument undermines intelligent debate and resists effective political opposition.

This is not essentially a Conservative evil, or a Liberal one. If anything, it?s a social ill, bred of our dislocation from, and disenchantment with, a system we no longer trust to reflect our interests. And so we decide we can have a transparent, representative government, or we can have one that ?gets things done? by whatever means necessary. But we can?t have both.

In fact, a system is only as good as its inputs, and a democracy, so often born in fury and hope, withers and dies when its citizens turn their backs on it.”


Maybe the answer IS to turn our backs on the government.? Think so?


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  1. Supposedly this government belongs to the People, or so the story goes!

    However, when governments are always “granted” powers of Force over the People, such is an oxymoron from it’s beginning. Makes me wonder how few grasp the meaning of Govern!

    All of us are called human beings… individuals having a myriad of differing beliefs, sizes, shapes, and colors, personalities, ethics and moralities, thus each unique in themselves. The lone common facet of humans is said to be our ability to Think and Reason.

    So why would most of these unique humans choose to accept being Governed and Ruled by other humans which rarely, if ever, Think and Reason differently from themselves?

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