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First Step: Bring Ron Paul home to the Libertarians

Now that the RNC has finally admitted it has lost all principle and seeks only to offer a twin Zero who offers NOTHING substantially difference from the usurper Obama, they have signed not only for their own self-destruction but for the continuation of the destruction of our Nation America.

Today is the day to bring Ron Paul and his huge entourage of supports home to the Libertarian Party where they all belong.? This is Step One to joining Gov Gary Johnson, and to actually electing the Principles critical to bringing America back toward real Liberty.

A vote for either Romney or Obama is a vote to complete the progressive-communist takeover.? A write-in vote for Paul… we understand and share the feelings, but face it, people. all are merely wasted votes.

Readers who have been a part of Paul’s Campaign for Liberty can accomplish most and best by bringing Paul home to the Libertarians, which will then give rise to real hope for the future of America.? It is important that those readers contact Paul and encourage his move immediately.

The Libertarians offer a home for the many disenfranchised conservatives, for those many who seek? stopping endless wars and interference in the affairs of other sovereign nations, and for those who realize that America’s huge debt can result only in global economic collapse.? There is no hope of reaching 2016 while the Dem-Rep monopoly remains in power.

Y’all know what you must do, and that you must do it NOW.? We have only two months to accomplish the dream we have held for 40 years, and THIS IS THE TIME!? Share this everywhere you can — write your own posts as well (here on No-Ruler is welcome) — be talking with your friends and family and anyone else who will listen.

Thank you from Dean Striker and No-Ruler both.


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  1. Seriously, I cannot understand why Ron Paul has yet to stand on the courage of his convictions and join the Libertarian, Gary Johnson & Jim Gray. SURELY he cannot support Romney and Obama.

    If any of you readers would please take a moment to contact Ron Paul. PLEASE do! Time really IS of the essence, and surely you understand WHY!

  2. Obama has his sheeple, who will stick with him, which makes Romney a loser.

    America cannot make it to 2016 with ANY more of the same.

    We MUST, and we WILL!

  3. This is a very exciting idea. YES! Now is the time for Libertarians to SHINE. Then if Obama should by any chance win the election, Libertarians will be set to lead the government next time.

    The fear we could lose this election to OBama is always there, but this would make the excitement in the Libertarian camps even more exciting. And there will never come a time when we can always vote our principles peacefully – this is a most opportune time. I believe we could pull those democrats who are democrats because of abortion and we could pull from both parties on the possible legality of mj. C’mon, everybody, let’s work for an actual and honest WIN, in every respect!

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