No Government, No Force

No Blood Shed


I don’t believe the foot soldiers on the American left understand either collectivism OR free market capitalism.? Nor do I believe they understand the nature of man.? Nor do I believe they are well grounded in what they believe and why they believe it.

I’ve been accused many times of “wanting Obama to fail” because I protest his actions.? Why should I want Obama to fail?? What would I have to gain from a President failing?? I’m after no power, don’t have a book to sell, have and want no favors.? I quit the Republican Party in total disgust.? What could I possibly gain from his losing?? NO AMERICAN worth 2 cents wants him to fail at the
PRESIDENCY.? A failed Presidency doesn’t make America look good.? Most Americans want their nation to look great, act great, and feel great.? What Obama’s opposition wants is for him to act like a President, to do the duties of the President, to protect the citizens by protecting the Constitution, to follow the law, to view every American as HIS responsibility.

When ANY person, man or woman, young or old, black or white, rich or poor who gains such status and then does end runs around the Constitution, who makes fun of some citizens, who inserts himself and takes sides in an argument that has nothing to do with either him or the government, who appoints enemies of the Constitution to the Supreme Court, who acts as though he is above the law, who places all blame for everything on others, who can never take responsibility, who is a known narcissist, who is so secretive as to seem pathological, then EVERY American should get an idea that this person has no business in the White House and should be denied his wild-eyed and proven loser policies and regulations.

BECAUSE WHEN A LEADER DEFIES THE LAWS, THE NATION’S CONSTITUTION AND HIRES HELP WHO WILL COVER FOR HIM AND HELP HIM SUBVERT THE CONSTITUTION AND THAT NATION’S WAY OF LIFE, THE VERY LEAST HE DESERVES IS TO BE KICKED OUT ON HIS ASS.? Some years back, he may have well been tried for treason.? Today I doubt that would happen because the nation has been reduced to groveling, mewling parasites who cannot wipe their own butts adequately, let alone fend for themselves – and are beaten down with leftist mantras and leftist whining.

So, NO, I don’t want ANY American President failing as President.? I do, however, hope most of what this one tries to do to this nation fails.? His policies, his minions are more dangerous to this country than Osama bin Laden ever was.? Do I hate Obama and his minions?? No, I don’t.? But I readily admit I hate what they are trying to do to my country.

In olden days, a usurper came in with his supporters, raped, pilloried, and killed all who opposed him – he did this across most of the country he was conquering.? That’s not so easy today, and the Communists learned long ago, well before you were born, that overthrowing a country has to be done incrementally, bit by bit.? Change a little bit here for “good cause” – no one objects, it’s no big deal.? Eventually another small change is made “for the good of? the people”, and people accept that because if they don’t they’re accused of being heartless and cruel.? This happens over and over until one day, everyone wakes up and learns he now lives under a communist government.? A little policy here, a little regulation there, an Executive Order here and there, a court mandate here and there, and , voila – the nation has been conquered without a drop of blood lost and without a shot fired.? Nifty, huh?? What a world!

In recent years Congress has taken to hate speech with each other and with the public.? That NEVER used to happen.? They may have argued privately, but never did they make a public show of it…………….coarseness helps destroy the cooperation that decent legislation requires.? The Democrats specialize in hateful speech and they believe in the “scorched earth strategy” which makes society even more crass and coarse – this is PART of taking a nation apart – it’s accepted knowledge and unwritten policy of the left.

Where do you believe the Democrat Party thinking comes from?!?? Much of their thinking and phrases they use come directly from Communist writings, manifestos, etc.? They may not even know it, but it certainly explains the way they have come to think………..the Democrat Party has changed drastically during my lifetime, getting further and further and further to the left.? My grandparents wouldn’t believe it was still their Party were they alive.

In summary, I don’t want any American President to fail because that damages the nation, but I DO expect any President who is proven to have failed to accept that and resign or for the Congress to do their work diligently and put him out to pasture.? The nation can only accept so much incompetency and degradation.


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  1. A good write, Tasine!
    Hell’s Bells. Obama is not even a citizen, much less a president who stands for the constitution and Liberty for all America!

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