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Who/what is really financing the DNC?

092807 shultz Who/what is really financing the DNC?

Debbie Wasserman Shultz

Before I start, I will agree that political donors are tabulated.? What I will assert is that there is a STRONG possibility that the DNC is getting funding or lucrative offers from those who want to see the United States? fail.? I maintain that is how an empty suit without credentials, without experience, without knowledgeable contacts, without a clear life history, without proper papers was put forth, advertised, and elected by the Democrat Party. Am I calling the DNC crooked?? Yes, I believe it is.? Do you agree?

Obama, on his own, could have never, ever become President on his own hook, but we know his only friends are gutter types, underworld types, criminals in nice suits.? We also know they are associated with the Democrat Party.? (NOTE:? I don’t use the “proper term”, Democratic Party because there is nothing democratic about it or any of its members.

I say this not as fact, but as a reasonable assumption.? Neither Parties nor individuals self-destruct deliberately – they have to have something really special to make them do that.? Our entire nation is self-destructing, or is it being destroyed deliberately to make us more amenable to UN rule or communism?? So, what is the DNC getting for doing this to America?? I believe it is for one or two, or perhaps both, reasons:? money under the table or POWER which is an aphrodisiac for Democrats.? We know they are hooked up with powerful (because democrats made them powerful) organizations, all of which I would guess are leftist ones, many I KNOW are leftist ones.

I think it is high time we quit worrying so much about their puppet, Obama, and start worrying about the people who made him President and who have enabled him to do every single rotten thing he has done.? The mainstream media is every bit as responsible as is the Democrat Party, but we cannot elect any of the media or Parties.? They must be dealt with in another manner – such as investigations, arrests, and detainment.? If what I believe is happening is actually true, we have a much bigger problem than Obama, the empty suit.

If you think there is something very crooked, as I do, about the DNC, who would you blame and how would you deal with it?

Can we agree that those questionable financiers funding the DNC are the ones calling the shots these days?

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