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A Nation Without A Country, Part I: Understanding the Battlefield

by Tom Baugh on

Even a casual blog reader will note that secession is an idea which has broken through the crust of contemporary political thought. As Russ Longcore points out in his editorial notes for a recent article on DumpDC, when the topic appears in the progressive rags, then something is afoot. Reading over the list of speakers at this year?s Free State Project Liberty Forum, you can bet that secession will be a key topic at that event, and many others like it.

And yet, the public, by-and-large, has been trained to view secession as something which only evil slaveholding racists, or other antisocial malcontents, would seriously consider. Many of our fellow citizens need little training in suspecting secessionists because their supply of crumbs would be threatened if secession caught on. If you start ticking off all the classes of people who benefit from the status quo, and examining the steady slide toward oblivion that we have been on for many election cycles, you might come to the conclusion, as I have, that they surround us. We all heard a lot of packs dropping when Scott Brown was elected recently, but even if the man channels Reagan, the best he can do is slow the juggernaut down imperceptibly; certainly not reverse it. Plus, that Republican from the heart of liberal America has yet to cast his first votes. We?ll see.

Let?s not forget that our enemies have the ability to replicate themselves, even within our midst, as much as they desire. They can manufacture as much fiat currency as they wish, either by printing more directly, or indirectly by inflating entitlements of all kinds. They can use their unconstitutional means and agencies to divide and conquer us, individually and in detail, as our state officials stand by and feign helplessness. And each day, they turn more of our children against us because we have abdicated education of our most precious to them. I have a hard time imagining how, in our current situation, even a single state, even as more citizens wake to the threat, will be able to concentrate enough political vigor to make a serious bid for secession, much less accomplish it.

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