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Should not the “National” Guard be the [STATE Guard]?

With all the talk (and Executive Order) regarding possible Martial Law, and the likelihood that We the People might see the Government with it’s Military and “Homeland Security” and National Guards and Obama’s own “civilian military” which they call the TSA, ALL beyond the control of The People.? Our Rulers are ganging up on Americans using it’s very powerful Weapons of? all types against the People’s arsenal of only non-automatic rifles and pistols despite that the 2nd Amendment declares “…shall not be infringed”.

Isn’t it about time we re-examined the “Militia” and so-called National Guard? Okay, let us begin!


The Constitution, Article 1, Section 8:

The Congress shall have power …

To provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions;

To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the militia, and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the United States, reserving to the states respectively, the appointment of the officers, and the authority of training the militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress…

The above, and the reference to “Militia” in the 2nd Amendment, are about all that the Constitution has to say.?? There is much more, though, in a myriad of Regulations, Laws, and Rulings of the Supreme Court.? To get into all of that is not our purpose here, Please!

I’m not proposing here that the National Guard be eliminated.? Rather, I propose that it must come under total control under each and every State — IOW the [STATE] Guard, as in ARIZONA Guard, TEXAS Guard, GEORGIA Guard.? The equipment and organizations now under Federal Control are transferred or otherwise completely taken over by the several States.? Private Militia shall remain completely private, which of course would include all citizens who have prepared to self-defend.

We can be sure that Congress is not going to help!? The Question before us is how does America get to this?? Constitutional Amendment?? State Nullifications?? Secession?? …At least until and unless States might reunite under a Union which cannot control the States or any person??

A Constitutional Convention?? Scares the heck outta me, but I’ll offer this as a start:

Things have gone so awry in America that there is increasing talk of martial law, of Revolution or Civil War.? We can never rule out that our own military will be used against our own people.? I suggest that State Guards would help the States and their citizens even the odds in a bloodbath that is unlikely to accomplish anything other that replacing one Ruler with yet another.? WE CAN do better than that, and we MUST!

References – there are so many if you care to bother searching:

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